Home 11 colleges from which the richest in the world graduate: discover the courses that are behind the financial success of the most powerful in the world!

11 colleges from which the richest in the world graduate: discover the courses that are behind the financial success of the most powerful in the world!

23 April 2024 09 gies: 24
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Photo: Money Times reproduction

Check out the colleges attended by the richest people in the world below and find out which course to invest your time in

A study carried out by Smartick revealed the university courses preferred by the world's biggest billionaires, showing a interesting trend among the richest. Choosing a higher education course is a crucial step for many people looking for a career successful and, consequently, financial success, according to the Meu Valor Digital website.

Discover the richest people in the world according to Forbes

According to the study, the courses most chosen by the biggest billionaires in the world are:

  • Business: 22 billionaires
  • Economy: 12 billionaires
  • Engineering: 10 billionaires
  • Without a degree: 7 billionaires
  • Sciences: 5 billionaires
  • Right: 3 billionaires
  • Biology, Finance, Management, Medicine and Pharmacy: each with 1 billionaire

This analysis of billionaires' university courses around the world reveals interesting patterns. For example, the Business area leads with 22 billionaires, showing that a solid foundation in this field can be a springboard to financial success. People like Dieter Schwarz, from Germany, and Zhong Shanshan, from China, are examples of this.

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Then, the Economics course is the choice of 12 billionaires around the world, indicating that the understanding of markets and numbers is valued by many in building fortunes. Examples include Sri Prakash Lohia of Indonesia, whose economic insight led him to wealth.

The Engineering course is also a popular choice, with 10 billionaires around the world. This area combines theory with creativity and innovation, something that names like Mukesh Ambani, from India, and Bernard Arnault, from France, have successfully explored, combining technical precision with entrepreneurial will.

But… not all billionaires have a degree!

It is interesting to note that not all billionaires around the world have a college degree. Amancio Ortega, from Spain, is an example of this, showing that experience and business acumen can be as valuable as formal education.

Although in Brazil it is proven that people with training earn more, examples like that of Amancio Ortega show that, for achieve success, the chosen course is just a step on the journey, fundamental for some, but for others it can be suppressed by the desire to undertake and business vision.

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