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25th GD Forum northeast region will bring together experts in distributed generation with renewable sources in Pernambuco

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Published 13/06/2024 às 22:01
25th GD Forum Northeast region
Photo: Marketing Grupo FRG

Recife prepares to host a prominent distributed generation event

Recife, Pernambuco – The northeastern state of Pernambuco will host the 25th edition of the Regional Forum for Distributed Generation with Renewable Sources in the Northeast region in the second half of 2024. Entitled Forum GD Nordeste, the event will take place on August 07th and 08th in the Center de Eventos Recife, bringing together experts and companies in the renewable energy sector.

This renowned event brings together solution providers, EPCs, integrators, distributors, manufacturers, professionals and academics who work directly or indirectly in distributed generation from renewable energy sources. Organized by the FRG Mídias & Eventos Group, the GD Forum is a unique opportunity to debate the trends and directions of the sector, which is constantly growing in Brazil.

“For the first time, the GD Northeast Region Forum arrives in the city of Recife, where we held the largest distributed generation event in the country in 2019. We are now returning with new investment possibilities, placing the state and the Northeast region as protagonists,” highlights Tiago Fraga, CEO of Grupo FRG Mídias & Eventos.

Rudinei Miranda, president of the National Association of Renewable Energy Representative Entities, one of the event's supporters, highlights the importance of the GD Forum to promote business and knowledge in the Northeast region. “Having big events like this in the Northeast, especially in Pernambuco, makes us very satisfied. It is a serious event, with support and quality, focused on adding value,” says Miranda.

GD in the Northeast

According to data from the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), Brazil already generates an impressive 29GW of installed power in Distributed Generation. Of these, the Northeast region alone is responsible for 5,88 GW, demonstrating the potential and relevance of the region in this scenario.

Among the nine northeastern states, Bahia leads the segment, with a production of 1,29 GW. Next come Ceará and Pernambuco, with 955,413 kW and 876,811 kW of installed power, respectively. Recife, the capital that will host the event, has almost 8 thousand consumer units in distributed generation, standing out as a significant hub for the development and application of technology in the region.

For Fraga, the event will bring high-level debates about the sector and the participation of renowned experts from Brazil and abroad, who will share their knowledge and experiences, further enriching the participants' experience.

How will the event be?

The Forum will take place over two intense days of panels and lectures. More than 10 panels are expected, each with three or four lectures, providing an important immersion in the hot topics regarding DG in the Northeast region of the country.

During the event, relevant topics will also be discussed about the free energy market, new business opportunities, professional training and Brazilian legislation for this type of energy production. “We will bring the main players at a global level who will share their knowledge on various topics such as legal status, reverse flow, financing opportunities, new technologies in modules and inverters, and connectors,” explains Fraga.

“We will talk about small and medium-sized plants, free market. We are convinced that this event, the GD Nordeste Forum, will be the largest ever held by the FRG Group. We expect between 1500 and 2000 people per day,” he adds.

For more information, schedule and registration, interested parties can access the event's official website via the link: GD Northeast Forum.


What: 25th edition of the Regional Distributed Generation Forum in the Northeast region (Fórum GD Nordeste).
Where: Recife Events Center, in Recife – Pernambuco.
When: August 07th and 08th, from 8am to 18pm.
Press: Daniela Mascarenhos – (41) 99248-5615
Commercial: contato@grupofrg.com.br – (41) 32256693


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