Home 53.000 vacancies at SENAI: Free and paid courses are offered in more than 10.000 opportunities by the National Industrial Learning Service 

53.000 vacancies at SENAI: Free and paid courses are offered in more than 10.000 opportunities by the National Industrial Learning Service 

24/02/2024 às 13:16
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Vacancies in technical and qualification courses offered by Senai are for different areas and with paid and free opportunities

Do you want to take a professional course? The National Industrial Learning Service (SENAI) has a wide offer of 53.491 vacancies in free and paid courses, available in person and online in several states in Brazil.

The courses cover various areas of knowledge, such as Audiovisual and Digital Animation, Automation and Mechatronics, Automotive, Civil Construction, Electronics, Renewable Energy, Bakery and Confectionery, Welding, Information Technology, among others. Almost 10 thousand of these vacancies are completely free, providing accessible learning and professional training opportunities.

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About Senai

The National Industrial Learning Service, better known as SENAI, is one of the most important professional education institutions in Brazil. Founded in 1942, SENAI's main objective is to train and train professionals to work in the industry, thus contributing to the technological and economic development of the country.

SENAI was created by the Brazilian industrial business community in partnership with the federal government. Since then, its mission has been to promote professional and technological education, aiming to meet the demands of the industrial sector. Senai is one of the 5 largest professional education complexes in the world and the largest in Latin America, being recognized as a model of education, for its quality in the services it promotes and for its commitment to differentiated and innovative educational formats, which train professionals in face-to-face and distance learning courses, training workers capable of contributing to the development of the industry. 

Some free and paid courses available through Senai 

Check below the states that are offering free and paid Senai courses and the registration link;


SENAI-AP, in Macapá, offers places for face-to-face evening courses in areas such as Occupational Safety, Easter Egg Production, PowerBI, Basic and Advanced Excel, totaling more than 150 places in 7 courses


SENAI-PB offers vacancies in several courses, such as Electronics Technician (EAD), Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic, Sewing Machine Maintenance Mechanic, among others. There are 886 vacancies, 797 of which are face-to-face in the morning and afternoon periods, and 89 in the EAD modality.


SENAI-PR offers Improvement/Specialization and Professional Qualification courses in areas such as Food and Beverages, Automation, Civil Construction, Electronics, Management, Metal Mechanics, IT, Clothing, among others. There are 2,3 vacancies, 170 of which are distance learning and 2,1 in-person.

Rio de Janeiro

SENAI-RJ has 9,7 free places for professional qualification courses throughout the state. There are more than 70 titles in areas such as Audiovisual, Automation, Civil Construction, Renewable Energy, Logistics, Information Technology, among others.

Santa Catarina

SENAI-SC offers 38,6 thousand places in professional coursess, including industrial, technical, extension, undergraduate and postgraduate learning, with 20,3 thousand distance learning and 18,3 thousand in-person vacancies.


SENAI-TO has vacancies for courses such as Arc Maintenance Welder, Air Conditioning Mechanic, Grain Classification, among others. There are more than 1,8 vacancies, with the majority in face-to-face courses.

Registration for Senai technical and qualification courses

SENAI offers a wide variety of online and Distance Learning (EAD) courses for qualification, covering areas such as technology, industry, management and many others. These technical and qualification courses are an excellent option for those looking for quality professional training, as they allow flexible schedules and access to updated content. 

Registration for SENAI technical and qualification courses can be made by clicking on the link above each title above, where interested parties can find information about available courses, registration requirements and enrollment procedures.

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