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60 job openings for production assistants

16 from 2018 from September to 22: 38
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60 jobs open for production assistant

Company that operates in the State of São Paulo starts the week by opening 60 job opportunities for production assistants

A company in the state of São Paulo starts the week by opening 60 jobs for production assistants. Take advantage of this great opportunity to work in Butantan – SP, but the company has placed some demands on these opportunities. The professional must be male to be able to participate in the selection process. To learn more about vacancies and requirements, continue reading the article. Let's go to the main information.

Position: Production Assistants

  • Location: Butantan – SP
  • Education: Complete high school
  • Salary: BRL 1.662,00 + Unhealthy Work + VT + Life insurance and on-site meal

Summary description

Production Assistants prepare materials to feed production lines, organize the service area, supply production lines, feed machines and separate materials for reuse. Depending on the sector, the professional works in many other activities not mentioned here in the summary description of the vacancy.

How to send the Resume

Be very careful when writing your resume, this document is the letter of introduction of the professional who is the first image of the candidate for the company he is going to. Interested forward resume to: The person responsible for the vacancy is Amanda Rodrigues Tel: 11 3831-3033. Please put “Production Assistant” in the subject.

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