Home 70 best websites and institutions that offer free online courses and EAD + guaranteed certificate in trending careers

70 best websites and institutions that offer free online courses and EAD + guaranteed certificate in trending careers

20 April 2024 18 gies: 55
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70 best websites and institutions that offer free, online and distance learning courses with a guaranteed certificate in trending careers
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Stay up to date with the best websites and institutions with free online and distance learning courses that entitle you to a certificate of completion recognized by the MEC.

If you are one of those people who dream of studying without leaving home with the help of free online courses and EAD to BOOST your CV with certificates, you are in the right place. In this article I have separated a complete list with the best educational institutions that offer thousands of options in free online courses + certificates, both for Brazil and other countries. If you already have advanced or fluent English, some courses are ideal for those planning to go on exchange.

Check out the 70 best institutions that offer free online and distance learning courses

If you are looking for the best educational institutions with free online courses in the areas of technology, IT, languages, gastronomy, health, politics, artificial intelligence and other topics, access one of these below:

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  1. Veduca;
  2. IFSP;
  3. Think Courses;
  4. Insper;
  5. Kultivi;
  6. Sebrae;
  7. MIT;
  8. Senar EAD;
  9. Digital InnovationOne;
  10. Coursera;
  11. EdX;
  12. Ava Academic – UFRB;
  13. B3;
  14. RD University;
  15. Udacity Other;
  16. Tim Institute;
  17. Omie.Academy;
  18. Ciee;
  19. Brazil More Digital;
  20. Alison;
  21. Iped – Polytechnic Institute of Distance Learning;
  22. OpenupEd;
  23. Albert Einstein Hospital;
  24. UAITEC;
  25. Harvard Online Courses;
  26. Microsoft Learn;
  27. Sest Senat;
  28. Hack Station from Facebook;
  29. Sesi – Industrial Social Service;
  30. Class Central;
  31. Learn Café;
  32. IF-RS;
  33. Learn there;
  34. Entrepreneurial Alliance;
  35. Intel;
  36. Government Virtual School;
  37. Inter-American Development Bank (IDB);
  38. Paula Souza Center;
  39. Avamec;
  40. Shaw Academy;
  41. Codecademy;
  42. Prime Courses;
  43. Federal Institute of Rondônia;
  44. Fundação Estudar;
  45. RockUniversity;
  46. Engeduca;
  47. FGV;
  48. Enap;
  49. Take off;
  50. Perestroika;
  51. Pool;
  52. Stanford Online;
  53. Kadenze;
  54. Senai;
  55. LinkedIn Learning;
  56. Pocket Live ESPM;
  57. Portogente Virtual School;
  58. Trevisan Online;
  59. Fundação Bradesco;
  60. Elevate- Chamber of Deputies;
  61. GGTE – Unicamp;
  62. SIGNC EAD;
  63. Eskada Uema;
  64. Facebook For Business;
  65. Itec;
  66. Unasus;
  67. iFood;
  68. Endeavor;
  69. MiriadaX;
  70. Embrapa.

Find out what types of free certified courses are offered in most of the institutions mentioned

Vacancies for free online and distance learning courses are aimed at those who wish to study at home and were distributed by each of the institutions and teaching platforms for various sectors such as Administration, Fashion, Environment, Programming, Civil Construction, Engineering, Tourism, Financial Management, Exact Sciences, Languages, Agriculture, Information Technology, Music, Literature, Pedagogy and Portuguese Language.

There are also opportunities for those who wish to study at home in the field of Gastronomy, Finance, Mathematics, Biology, Investigative, Market and sales, Marketing, Outbound and Inbound Marketing, Digital Economy, Content Marketing, Neurolinguistic Programming, Social Network Optimization, Workplace Security, Metrology and many others.

For those interested in registering for free online and distance learning courses, simply select the desired institution or platform and click on the institutions mentioned above.

There is no way to detail all the free online courses with certificate one by one, as there are thousands of courses available in each institution. Adding up all the sites mentioned there are more than 500 thousand places in 100% free and certified courses available.

Trending courses 2024

Among the free online and distance learning courses on the rise in 2024, we can find courses linked to Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Data Security, which should remain on the rise for the coming years.

In addition to areas such as Marketing, especially related to digital media, Administration for entrepreneurship or careers related to market research and analysis, logistics, with a focus on Supply Chain, Human Resources and ESG and Health and courses related to aesthetics.

The technology area is already and will continue to be one of the most promising in the coming years. By 2025, the estimate is that the deficit of vacancies for IT professionals will reach 800 thousand. Therefore, there is a lot of demand, but little qualified labor.

As a result, salaries and benefits can become very competitive for professionals with knowledge in the area. In addition to identifying the course that fits your profile, it is essential to pay attention to what the job market is like in the desired area.

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