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Bahia Criminal Police has a notice with MORE THAN 280 vacancies for MIDDLE LEVEL

Written by Alisson Ficher
Published 14/06/2024 às 20:24
So far, the notice for the Criminal Police competition has not yet been published, however, it is expected to happen soon.
Photo: Criminal Police

The Bahia Penal Police announced this Thursday, June 13, the opening of registrations for its new public competition, which offers a total of 287 immediate vacancies for mid-level candidates.

The eagerly awaited competition includes opportunities for broad competition, as well as reservations for people with disabilities and self-declared black candidates.

Those interested in participating in the competition must have a high school graduation certificate issued by an institution recognized by the the Ministry of Education (MEC):, in addition to being at least 18 years old and having National Driver's License (CNH) valid, at least category B.

The starting salaries offered vary according to the weekly workload. For the position of Prison Officer, the starting remuneration is R$2.601,04 for 30 hours per week, reaching up to R$4.478,31 for 40 hours per week, including specific bonuses.

How will the selection process be?

The selection process will be divided into several stages. The first will consist of objective tests, of an eliminatory and classificatory nature, with a total of 80 multiple-choice questions covering Basic Knowledge and Specific Knowledge.

Candidates will also be assessed through a discursive test, which will require the writing of a dissertation-argumentative text on current topics.

Where will the competition tests be held?

The tests will be held in several cities in the state of Bahia, such as Salvador, Feira de Santana and Vitória da Conquista, in the afternoon. To be approved, the candidate will need to obtain a score equal to or greater than 48 points in the objective test and 12 points in the discursive test.

In addition to the written assessments, there will be additional steps such as the Hetero-Identification Procedure for candidates competing for vacancies reserved for black people and Medical Expertise for candidates with disabilities.

Those who pass these stages will be called for Pre-Admission Exams, which include medical exams, physical tests, psychological exams and social investigation, followed by the Training Course.

Registration open until today to compete for vacancies in the Public Criminal Police Competition in Paraná at medium level.
Bahia Penal Police has a notice with MORE THAN 280 vacancies for MIDDLE LEVEL (Image: Penal Police)

How and where to register

Registration will be open from June 17th to July 18th, through the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), organizing committee of the competition. To validate your registration, you must pay a fee of R$90.

After approval of the final result of the competition and the call of successful candidates within the stipulated number of vacancies, they will begin the Training Course as Student Officer, preparing themselves to assume the responsibilities of the position of Prison Officer.

This competition represents a significant opportunity for those who wish to join the Bahia Penal Police, offering not only stability and an attractive salary, but also the possibility of contributing to security and resocialization in the state's prison system.

The expectation is that there will be great competition for available vacancies, given the relevance and security offered by the public career.

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