Home Brazil signs a contract with an Italian company and the powerful Centauro 2 is already on its way to the Brazilian army. This is the first of 221! 

Brazil signs a contract with an Italian company and the powerful Centauro 2 is already on its way to the Brazilian army. This is the first of 221! 

22 May 2024 to 17: 24
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photo: reproduction

Brazil prepares to receive the first of 221 Centauro 2 combat vehicles, marking a new chapter in the modernization of the Brazilian army

The Brazilian Army is about to take a big step in its modernization with the arrival of the first Centauro 2 Cavalry combat armored vehicle. This vehicle, a direct evolution of the Centauro B1, brings a series of significant improvements that position it as a key piece for military operations in Brazil.

The Centauro 2 stands out for its superior armor, advanced engine and state-of-the-art communication system. These characteristics are complemented by its impressive speed and a 120 mm cannon, making it highly versatile for a variety of operations from armed reconnaissance to direct fire support missions.

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The first two prototypes were evaluated in 2023 in Italy by a team from the Brazilian Army Assessment Center. After these initial tests, the vehicle will undergo operational tests in Santa Maria, Brazil.

Contract and national production

The contract signed between Brazil and the Italian company responsible for Centauro 2 provides for the minimum purchase of 98 vehicles, with the possibility of reaching 221 units. A arrival of the first armored vehicle is scheduled for the next few weeks, and the first photos of the vehicle have already been released, showing it in the colors of the Brazilian Army.

Photo: Poder 360

As part of the agreement, the final assembly and integration of vehicles will be carried out in Brazil, strengthening the national industry. Furthermore, it is planned to produce 120 mm ammunition by Inbel and the development of a simulator by AEL Sistemas.

Expansion in Latin America

Brazil will not be the only one benefiting from this acquisition. The country will serve as an export base for Latin America, with Colombia, Peru and Argentina already showing interest in the Centauro 2. This export strategy not only strengthens Brazil's position in the region, but also boosts the national defense industry.

The Centauro 2 brings to the Brazilian Army unprecedented military capabilities that only new, modern vehicles can offer. These capabilities are fundamental to replace vehicles like the Cascavel, which has been in use for over 50 years. Modernizing old vehicles, despite being a cheaper alternative, does not provide the same technological and operational advantages as a new vehicle.

Promising future in the Brazilian Army

The Centaur 2 is more than a simple combat vehicle. It represents a significant advance in Brazil's defense capacity, aligning with the most modern international standards. The arrival of this Armored vehicle marks a new chapter for the Brazilian Army, promising greater efficiency and firepower in military operations.

The modernization of the armed forces is essential to guarantee national security and sovereignty. With Centauro 2, Brazil takes a decisive step on this path, reinforcing its position as a military power in Latin America.

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