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Brazil will receive investment of US$31,3 MILLION in solar energy! 14 solar plants will be built in the states of MG, MT, SP and PR

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 26/05/2024 às 15:35
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Investment boosts capacity to 39,7 MWp and promotes job creation in four states

A AXS Energy, a company of Roca group in the renewable energy sector, announced last Wednesday (May 22) that it received an investment of 31,3 million U.S. $ to finance the construction of 14 new photovoltaic solar plants in Brazil. However, AXS Energia plans to distribute the new solar plants across the states of Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, São Paulo e Paraná. This geographic expansion will allow more people and companies to have access to clean and sustainable energy, contributing to the development of these regions and reducing their carbon footprint. . And this with a total expected capacity of 39,7 MWp (megawatts-peak), according to the EPBR website. 

In its long-term strategy, AXS Energia obtained financing through credit with funds from the CIFI and Triodos groups, coordinated by XP Investimentos. This initiative demonstrates AXS's commitment to promoting clean energy and sustainable in Brazil, in addition to contributing significantly to the economy and job creation in the regions where the plants will be installed.

Environmental and economic impact of solar plants

In addition to increasing solar energy generation capacity, AXS Energia foresees a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. It is estimated that new solar plants will help avoid emission of 40 thousand tons of carbon dioxide annually. This reduction is crucial for climate change mitigation efforts and reinforces the role of solar energy as a sustainable solution.

The construction of new solar plants will also have a positive impact on the local economy, with the creation of more than 760 direct and indirect jobs. Eduardo Coutinho, commercial director of AXS Energia, highlighted the importance of this operation.

“This operation is an important step in AXS’ mission to promote clean energy e sustainable in Brazil, through shared solar energy, in addition to generating jobs and benefiting the economy of the regions where the plants are located.”

solar plants, investment, energy
photo: reproduction

Expansion and future investments

AXS Energia has an ambitious strategy for the future, with plans to invest R$1,5 billion by 2025 to increase its installed capacity to 302 MWp through 96 plants. The company has already raised several funds to finance these projects. In 2022, AXS raised R$261 million, of which R$221 million was obtained through public offerings of certificates of real estate receivables (CRI) and R$40 million through debentures. This strategy allowed the company to raise funds in an efficient and diversified way, contributing to its growth and development in the financial market.

In July 2023, AXS announced another significant fundraising, this time in the amount of R$144 million, again using receivables certificates. These continued investments are fundamental to the expansion of solar energy infrastructure in Brazil. And in themselves, they demonstrate investors' confidence in AXS' ability to execute large-scale projects.

AXS Energia: a sustainable future with solar plants

AXS is positioned as a leader in the shared distributed generation sector. Through this approach, multiple consumers they can share the energy generated, making it accessible to a greater number of people and companies. The company's vision is clear: provide clean and sustainable energy, while generating economic and environmental benefits.

Therefore, with the new investments and planned expansion, AXS Energia is prepared to play a crucial role in the transformation of the Brazilian energy sector. The transition to renewable energy sources is not only an environmental necessity, but also an economic opportunity for Brazil, creating jobs and driving technological innovation.

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