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Brazilian mining: Find out which are the functions with the best salaries for 2021

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 30/12/2020 às 13:40
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Mining industry professional

Want to get into the mining industry? Find out now which are the highest salaries and the best functions for beginners

The mining industry is a profession that demands a lot of work in several functions and with extraordinary wages. It requires long hours, remote locations and some of the most dangerous conditions possible. The financial benefits, however, are staggering. Mining salaries in the industry can vary depending on an employee's location, functions, company size, years of experience and education. With this in mind, we classify the main functions mining companies with the highest salaries in the sector.

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surveyors in mining

Surveyors are one of the vital functions of mining operations. They help companies measure underground and open cut mines, help maintain a proper mine plan, update layouts and maintain records. Pay is also quite good.

Senior and chief level inspectors can earn between $80.000 and $160.000 per year, while entry-level positions typically earn between $55.000 and $130.000 per year.


The role of a metallurgist is mainly focused on extracting and processing various metals in mining.

Just starting out, a graduate metallurgist can earn one of the top salaries between $50.000 and $90.000 per year, while a senior metallurgist can earn close to $220.000 per year. The more experience you have, the more mining companies will pay you.

Project Director/Director of Drilling Operations

One of the mining roles with one of the best, if not the highest paying salaries goes to… directors of projects and directors of drilling operations. These positions can earn upwards of $400.000 a year, making it by far the most lucrative job in the industry.

The project director is responsible for the overall planning, direction and execution of projects, providing leadership and expertise at all stages of operations. If you want to get paid, this is an occupation for you.


One of the best known and highest paying roles – highly respected Engineer position. The profession, which can range from planning engineer to civil and electrical engineer, can bring home from $70.000 a year to $240.000 and more.

It simply depends on the company and the size of the operations in question. Salaries for Drilling and Blasting Engineers and Materials and Handling Engineers range between $150.000 and $230.000 per year.

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