Home Canada begins recruiting Brazilians to fill job vacancies in the areas of construction, logistics, health, technology and more; There is no age limit for candidates

Canada begins recruiting Brazilians to fill job vacancies in the areas of construction, logistics, health, technology and more; There is no age limit for candidates

19 March 2024 to 21: 07
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Brazil Canada job openings for Brazilians great salaries
Canada is a good country for Brazilians who want good jobs and wages/ Source: Istock

If you dream of working and living in Canada, get ready to find out how you can live in the most coveted country in the world!

Do you, a Brazilian professional in the areas of Civil Construction, Logistics, food, engineering, industrial, manufacturing, health, social services and information technology, dream of working and studying in Canada? The CVs of Brazilians and other immigrants have never been as desired by companies in Canada as they are now. Since 2011, more than 600 Brazilians have already been hired by Quebec companies. An opportunity that could change your life!

O Canada its doors are open to welcome foreign talents who want to build a solid career in one of the most developed countries in the world. According to Statistics Canada, there are more than thousands of job openings available in different areas, with no age limit for candidates.

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18 Quebec companies will open job opportunities for Brazilians in various sectors

This year, a total of 18 Quebec companies will open up employment opportunities across a range of crucial sectors, including food, engineering, industry, manufacturing, healthcare, social services and information technology, marking a significant moment for professionals looking for new adventures and challenges.

Furthermore, something new for 2024 is the opening of paths for Brazilian students in Quebec, offering access to technical and higher education programs, a golden opportunity for those looking to expand academic and professional horizons in foreign lands.

Record recruitment with more than 870 thousand vacancies: Watch the video below and see how to get a job in Canada!


Last year, some segments saw a more significant increase in the number of vacancies. Between them:

Engineering: With increasing demand, there is 110 thousand vacancies waiting for qualified professionals to contribute to the development of Canadian cities.

Logistics and Supply: Logistics is fundamental to Canada's economy, with 122 thousand vacancies waiting for experts who can keep the supply chain efficient.

Health and Social Assistance: With 62 thousand vacancies, this area offers opportunities for doctors, nurses, therapists and other professionals who want to make a difference in people's lives.

Technology: The Canadian technology sector is booming, with vacancies in areas such as software development, data analysis and cybersecurity.

Social assistance: If you are passionate about helping others, Canada has available vacancies for social workers and social service professionals.

O Canada is looking for immigrants to fill these jobs due to its low birth rate and an aging population. This is the ideal time to seek new horizons and a better life in Canada.

Journées Québec BRÉSIL: a program promoted by Québec International, which appears as a bridge for Brazilians who dream of living in Canada

The “Journées Québec BRÉSIL”, an innovative program promoted by Québec International, an economic development agency, appears as a valuable bridge for Brazilians seeking new opportunities abroad.

“Discover a vibrant Brazilian community, an effervescent job market, an enviable quality of life and a pulsating cultural scene. Whether you are someone with already well-defined immigration plans or are just starting to consider this possibility, our recruitment initiative is your gateway!”, invites Elisa Suhett Rinco, Brazilian and director of international mobility at Québec International, highlighting the numerous advantages of embarking on this adventure.


It is worth noting that participants must meet certain requirements, see below:

  • Technical or university degree in the area of ​​the desired vacancy;
  • Professional experience in the sector;
  • Level of French proportional to the opportunity in question.

For those who wish to take advantage of these job opportunities in Canada, it is essential to meet the visa eligibility criteria, among other requirements.

How to participate?

Interested parties must follow the following step by step:

  • Create a free account on Quebec website in head;
  • Complete the profile and apply for the vacancies of interest by April 8;
  • The profile must be completed in French – the official language of Quebec;
  • Selected candidates will receive notices by email the week of April 16;
  • The final stage will include a face-to-face interview with recruiters, in São Paulo, between May 4th and 5th.

Now that you know the incredible opportunities that await you in Canada, it’s time to take the first step.

Don't let this unique opportunity pass you by. Canada welcomes you and your expertise in the areas mentioned with open arms. Start today on the path to a successful career in one of the most welcoming countries in the world!

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