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Check out how to receive TWO ADDITIONAL installments of unemployment insurance

Written by Alisson Ficher
Published 14/06/2024 às 18:25
unemployment insurance
unemployment insurance

Some people may receive up to two additional installments of unemployment insurance. Read this article from Click Oil and Gas and check if you are on this list.

Unemployment insurance, a right for workers with a formal contract, aims to ensure financial support while they look for a new job.

Recently, the Federal Government announced additional measures to assist residents of Rio Grande do Sul affected by the severe rains that devastated the state.

In response to the tragedy that left a large part of Rio Grande do Sul flooded, the government implemented an aid package, including two extra installments of unemployment insurance for workers in Rio Grande do Sul.

These installments will be automatically granted to beneficiaries already registered before the disaster, covering around 150 thousand people, according to information from the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

Payment of additional installments will occur after the end of regular payments, being part of the official recognition of the state of public calamity.

According to the federal government, this initiative aims to provide crucial support as the region recovers from the damage caused by the rains.

How to calculate the amount of unemployment insurance in 2024

To calculate the value of unemployment insurance in 2024, it is necessary to consider the worker's average salary. According to the official table, benefits vary depending on the average monthly salary:

  • Salary up to R$2.041,39: 80% of the average salary.
  • Salary between R$2.041,40 and R$3.402,65: 50% of the average salary plus R$1.633,10.
  • Salary above R$3.402,65: fixed benefit of R$2.313,74. It is important to highlight that the benefit cannot be lower than the national minimum wage.

What are the requirements to receive the benefit

There are some minimum requirements for a person to be able to receive the unemployment insurance. These include being a formal worker fired without just cause or having your contract suspended for professional qualification, for example.

In addition, you can also receive:

  • The fisherman during the period in which fishing is prohibited;
  • And rescued from conditions analogous to slavery.

Not enough, the number of installments varies according to the worker's contribution time, following the table established by the program.

These measures aim not only to support workers in adverse situations, but also to ensure that they receive financial support as they prepare to return to the job market, thus contributing to economic and social stability.

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