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Check out the Criminal Police Competitions scheduled for the 2nd semester

Written by Alisson Ficher
Published 10/06/2024 às 15:06
Registration open until today to compete for vacancies in the Public Criminal Police Competition in Paraná at medium level.
Photo: Criminal Police

Passing a competition for the police field is the dream of many students. For these people, great news: there are competitions scheduled to take place in the second half of 2024.

According to information from the Qconcursos portal, there are notices that already have authorized vacancies in states such as Goiás, Bahia, Paraíba and Rio de Janeiro. Of these federation units, the highlight is Goiás, which has confirmed the offer of 1600 vacancies.

Requirements for positions may vary depending on the state and also the level of education: secondary and higher. Another item that may vary is remuneration, which can have an initial value of up to R$7 in some states.

Competitions scheduled for the second semester

GO Criminal Police Competition: 1.600 Vacancies Announced

The Goiás Penal Police announced the opening of a competition with 1.600 vacancies, of which 1.280 will be allocated to men and 320 to women. The notice is scheduled to be published between June and July, as revealed by the general director of the Goiás Penal Police, Josimar Pires, in an exclusive interview with Folha Directed by Qconcursos.

To enter a career as a criminal police officer in Goiás, you must have completed higher education. The starting salary is R$5.707, which can reach R$14.031 throughout the career. In addition to remuneration, criminal police officers are entitled to additional amounts for extraordinary service. Pires highlighted that, in 24-hour shifts, overtime can earn up to R$950, allowing a monthly salary increase of up to R$4.500.

There is no age limit to participate in the competition, but a National Driving License (CNH) in category B is required. Brazilian Institute of Training and Qualification (IBFC) will be responsible for organizing and administering the tests.

BA Criminal Police Competition: Preparations for 287 Vacancies

The Bahia Criminal Police competition is in the preparation phase to offer 287 vacancies. A Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) was hired as an organizing committee. At the moment, FGV and the Bahia Penal Police are defining the schedule for registrations and tests, with the expectation of publication of the notice in the second semester.

To apply for a career as a criminal police officer in Bahia, you must have completed high school. The starting remuneration is R$5.256, including basic salary, bonuses and additional payments. Despite the initial 287 vacancies, the category's union demands the call for at least 400 approved candidates to fill the shortage in the penitentiary system.

PB Criminal Police Competition: 500 Places Confirmed

Authorized by Governor João Azevêdo, the Paraíba Penal Police competition will initially offer 500 vacancies. The Secretary of State for Penitentiary Administration, João Alves, stated that work to publish the notice is underway, with the goal of launching the competition quickly, respecting legal deadlines.

The vacancies will first be allocated to the new Gurinhém prison, and subsequently distributed according to the needs of other units. The position requires complete secondary education and the starting salary is R$4.670,32, which can reach R$7.985,90 throughout the career.

RJ Criminal Police Competition: 300 Authorized Vacancies

Recently authorized, the Rio de Janeiro Criminal Police competition will make 300 immediate vacancies available, as announced in an extra edition of the Official State Gazette on May 30th. Governor Cláudio Castro informed that the capacity will be in the units of the State Secretariat for Penitentiary Administration (Seap RJ).

The hiring of the organizing committee and other bureaucratic steps should be completed later this year. In a video released on social media, Cláudio Castro highlighted that the authorization of the competition is part of the government's measures for 2024, offering a great opportunity for those who wish to enter public service and contribute to the state's Public Security.

To compete, you must have completed higher education, with a degree in any field. The initial remuneration is R$7.337,58, made up of the basic salary of R$6.218,29 and the Professional Development Bonus of R$1.119,29, in addition to hazard pay and transportation vouchers.

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