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Usina Coruripe, producer of ethanol, sugar and electricity, offers 21 jobs in the state of Minas Gerais

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 31/01/2022 às 14:52
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Worker at Usina Coruripe/ Source: Google reproduction

The plant is offering job opportunities for interns, operators, mechanics, electricians, among others, in three municipalities in Minas Gerais

Usina de Coruripe, with units in the states of Alagoas and Minas Gerais, is offering 21 job openings for mid-level, technical and higher education in the municipalities of Campo Florido, Iturama and Carneirinho, in Minas Gerais. The plant is a leader in the production of ethanol, sugar and electricity in Brazil.

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About the company:

The plant has five units, one in Alagoas, in the municipality of Coruripe, and four in Minas Gerais, in the cities of Iturama, Campo Florido, Limeira do Oeste and Carneirinho. The plant's milling capacity is 14,5 tons of sugarcane and, in production, it manufactures 20 million bags of sugar, 470 million liters of ethanol and 690 megawatts/hour of electricity. The plant generates around 7.000 direct and 35.000 indirect jobs in the states of Alagoas and Minas Gerais.

Benefits offered by the company to candidates:

The Coruripe Plant, in Minas Gerias, offers employees benefits such as a health plan, dental plan, medication allowance, food vouchers, transportation, life insurance and rewards based on results, with specific variations for each position.

Electrical Engineering Internship and University Internship

Job openings for electrical engineering interns and university interns are remunerated. To apply for these, it is required that the candidate is studying higher education in administration, accounting sciences or related areas. As for those, it is necessary to be studying above the 5th period of Electrical Engineering.

In the employment of an electrical engineering intern, the contractor will be responsible for assisting in instrumentation and industrial automation activities. In addition, in the employment of a university intern, the contractor must organize documents, assist in waste management, prepare reports, perform routine administrative activities relevant to the environmental management system sector.

It is a prerequisite for most vacancies to reside in or close to the municipalities described in Minas Gerais.  



  • Complete high school;
  • Possess Category B CNH;
  • Knowledge in Electrical System of Trucks, Agricultural Machines and Air Conditioning;
  • Course in Electrotechnics will be considered an asset;
  • Availability to Change Shifts.

Check below the list of job vacancies open by Usina Coruripe in Minas Gerais:

  • Agricultural Production Assistant – Campo Florido, MG;
  • Human resources analyst – Corporate;
  • Utility Operator I – Campo Florido, MG;
  • Agricultural Production / Irrigation Leader – Campo Florido, MG;
  • Turner – Iturama, MG;
  • Jr Personal Analyst - Temporary – Iturama, MG;
  • Intern Electrical Engineering – Campo Florido, MG;    
  • Broth Treatment Operator I – Campo Florido, MG;
  • rubber driver – Carneirinho, MG;
  • Inventory Management Specialist – Iturama, MG;              
  • instrumentalist II – Iturama, MG;
  • University Intern – Iturama, MG;              
  • Lead Extraction – Campo Florido, MG;
  • Industrial Laboratory Intern – Campo Florido, MG;
  • Human resources analyst – Campo Florido, MG;
  • Automotive Electrician – Iturama, MG;
  • Electrical Supervisor – Carneirinho, MG;
  • Automation Technician – Campo Florido, MG;
  • Industrial mechanic – Campo Florido, MG;
  • Automotive Mechanic – Iturama, MG;
  • Vacancy for People with Disabilities – Iturama, MG;

Applications for jobs at Usina Coruripe

To apply for jobs at Usina Coruripe, in Minas Gerais, just click here, register your resume in the job vacancy of interest and apply. Good luck!

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