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Do you want a completely free USP certificate to boost your CV without leaving home? The best college in Brazil released free online courses without a selection process

Written by Flavia Marinho
Published 14/06/2024 às 16:15
free online and in-person courses offered by the best higher education institution in Brazil – USP
The University of São Paulo – USP, offers free courses

The University of São Paulo – USP offers dozens of free courses through its online teaching platform, choose yours and sign up now! 

Are you ready to transform your future? The University of São Paulo (USP), a renowned educational institution, has just opened its doors to thousands more places in completely free online and in-person courses! The golden chance to broaden horizons without leaving home is knocking on your door. And the best of all? It's completely free. Secure your place!

The renowned University of São Paulo (USP) offers a wide range of free courses, both distance learning and in-person. With an impressive list of options in the area of ​​health, biosafety in clinical environments at FORP, in the area of ​​history, programs such as 'Education in Latin America: History, Movements, Resistances and Propositions', 'Homero y el principio de la philosophy', and 'Reading the Genji Narratives: a masterpiece of classical Japanese literature'. And much more!

Stand out in the market with USP’s free online courses

The University of São Paulo goes beyond physical borders. With 42 teaching and research units distributed across ten fields, the institution has established itself as a reference in Latin America. By taking advantage of free online courses, participants enrich their skills and contribute to the dissemination of knowledge on a global scale.

Furthermore, the selection process is as modern as the courses themselves: a fair and transparent draw will determine the lucky ones who will participate. What if you are selected? Simply wait for direct contact via email. There is no need to confirm your registration, making your entry into this universe of knowledge even easier.

Check out the free courses at the best higher education institution in Brazil – USP

  1. Metabolism and Obesity: a physiological approach to healthy habits
  2. Topics in Psychobiology
  3. Virtual Learning Environments to support In-person Teaching
  4. Winter Course – Advanced Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2024 (EAD)
  5. Econometrics
  6. Alcohol and nutrition
  7. Armenian – Module 1: literacy
  8. Biosafety in FORP clinical environments
  9. Website construction using Google technology: the first website we never forget
  11. Introduction to Data Science
  12. I São Paulo School on Gravitational Physics – EaD
  13. Python Programming Girls: Introduction to Programming (remote course)
  14. Mindfulness and Chronic Pain – Online
  15. What every clinician needs to know about teeth whitening
  16. Training Program on Combating Illicit Markets in Agricultural Inputs
  17. Aesthetic smile rehabilitation with ceramic “contact lenses” or composite resins
  18. Use of food nutritional composition data in dietary surveys
  19. and much more!


Inscrição: The free courses offered by USP are accessible to everyone and free from start to finish. Just access the institution's website HERE

Registration for USP's free courses is as diverse as the courses offered. Each group has a specific registration period, ensuring you can choose the course that best fits your schedule and interests.

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