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Do you want to work at Ifood? Company announces the opening of a job opportunity in the company with the possibility of HOME OFFICE; see the chance available

Written by Alisson Ficher
Published 15/06/2024 às 12:34
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iFood announced the opening of applications for a new vacancy for Full Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst in the Logistics area, offering the possibility of remote work.

According to the company, this is an excellent opportunity for qualified professionals who want to join a company dedicated to optimizing processes and growth through data-based insights.

Meet iFood

Driven by innovation and efficiency, iFood claims to use data, technology and artificial intelligence as pillars to improve its restaurant operations, customer service and logistics.

According to the company, its employees, known as FoodLovers, work with agility, responsibility and versatility, seeking creative solutions to daily challenges.

In this sense, iFood reports that it values ​​diversity and promotes an inclusive environment, without discrimination based on gender, race, origin, family constitution, sexual orientation, among other characteristics. The company has voluntary groups of FoodLovers that discuss topics such as race, gender, LGBTQIA+ and PwD, encouraging everyone's personal and professional development.

Full BI Analyst in Logistics Vacancy Details

The role of Full BI Analyst in Logistics is part of the strategic BI area, which develops projects and solutions to increase iFood's efficiency using data, technology and artificial intelligence.

Main responsibilities

  • Management of strategic projects in the logistics area
  • Data analysis to support decisions and generate insights
  • Test design, execution and analysis
  • Construction of panels and dashboards for monitoring initiatives
  • Influence, mobilization and management of stakeholders in operations, data and technology
  • Structuring tactical and executive presentations

Desired Skills and Qualifications

  • Proactivity and resilience in dynamic and fast-paced environments
  • Analytical and investigative profile, with critical sense
  • Sense of ownership and desire to learn
  • Solid knowledge of data visualization tools and SQL

Other open positions at Ifood

In addition to the one mentioned in the article, Ifood has other vacancies on its opportunities portal as per a check carried out this Saturday (15) by the Ifood team. Click Oil and Gas. Being them:


  • Full CRM Analyst – Digital Expansion | BU FOOD
  • Full BI Analyst – CLUBE | BU FOOD
  • Full BI Analyst – Logistics
  • Full BI Analyst | People Analytics
  • Consumer Insights PL Analyst
  • Full Growth Analyst – Expansion
  • Full Business Analyst – S&OP
  • Full Growth Analyst – Retention and Reactivation | BU FOOD
  • Full Data Analyst in People Analytics
  • Data Scientist in People Analytics
  • Operations Consultant – Field
  • Full Data Engineer – People Analytics
  • Executive Person SDR Outbound (Sales Development Representative)


  • Senior Project Management (Procurement) Analyst – (Affirmative Vacancy for Black People)
  • Senior Corporate Investigation Analyst (Risks) – (Affirmative Vacancy for Black People)
  • Junior Logistics Analyst
  • Full Logistics Analyst
  • Senior Logistics Analyst
  • Junior Business Analyst
  • Full Business Analyst
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Senior Business Analyst – Logistics (Affirmative Vacancy for Black People)
  • Senior New Business Analyst – Anota Ai
  • Senior New Business Analyst – DevLog
  • SR Onboarding Analyst – iFood Benefits
  • Senior Commercial Planning Analyst (Affirmative Vacancy for Black People)
  • Senior Project Analyst – Education for the Ecosystem
  • Senior Financial Risk Analyst
  • Senior FP&A Credit Analyst – Fintech
  • Senior Market Intelligence Analyst – Competitive Intelligence | MKT
  • Senior Business Analyst – Pricing/Revenue | BU FOOD
  • Senior Pricing Analyst | BU FOOD
  • Senior Analyst in Artificial Intelligence
  • Backend Software Engineer Senior – Local Commerce (Affirmative Vacancy for Women)
  • Senior Backend Software Engineer
  • Business Specialist – Quality
  • Operational Risk Specialist
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Regulatory Specialist – (Affirmative Vacancy for Black People)
  • Internal Sales Executive I
  • Flutter Software Engineer
  • Institutional Communication Manager (Affirmative Vacancy for Black People) | MKT
  • Driver Experience Manager – Driver Safety
  • Consumer Fraud Prevention Manager
  • Person Coordinating Commercial Planning Sr | BU FOOD (Affirmative Vacancy for Black People)
  • Staff Software Engineer
  • Staff Software Engineer (Affirmative Vacancy for Women)


  • Junior Legal Analyst
  • Junior Commercial Planning Analyst – Expansion Acquisition | BU FOOD
  • External Sales Executive II
  • External Sales Executive II (Affirmative Vacancy for Women)
  • External Sales Executive
  • External Sales Executive II
  • External Sales Executive III
  • External Sales Executive II
  • External Sales Executive II
  • Intern – Insights & Market Intelligence – (Affirmative Vacancy for Black People) | MKT

How to Apply

If you are looking for professional growth and identify with iFood's values, this could be the ideal opportunity for you. To apply for this vacancy or explore other remote work opportunities at iFood, visit the company's official website and follow the instructions provided.

To apply or view details of all vacancies, click here.

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