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Energy independence: the next step after solar panels

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Published 13/06/2024 às 21:06
Energy independence:
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The future of sustainable energy is beyond solar panels

Solar energy in Brazil has just reached an impressive milestone: 42 gigawatts (GW) of installed power, equivalent to three Itaipu hydroelectric plants, according to data from the Brazilian Photovoltaic Energy Association (Absolar). With more than three million solar systems installed in homes and other properties, sustainability and savings on electricity bills are increasingly accessible. However, many are still unaware that conventional photovoltaic systems, in the event of power outages, do not offer solutions due to their On Grid operation, without battery storage.

The innovation of hybrid inverters

To achieve true energy independence, we need to go beyond solar panels. The answer lies in hybrid inverters, and an industry from Curitiba is leading this innovation in Brazil. NHS Sistemas de Energia presents the NHS Quad Hybrid solar power system, which combines On Grid and Off Grid functionalities. This innovative system allows the generation, storage and monitoring of energy efficiently and economically. Furthermore, properties that already have solar panels can adapt the system through a retrofit.

According to Fabio Moro, commercial and marketing director at NHS, “There is a lack of knowledge that on-grid solar solutions, which are the most common, can solve the problem of the utility's lack of energy, but this is not true. And the most interesting thing is that anyone who already has a solar system installed can adapt and use part of their system for this new technology and continue without ever worrying about power outages again.”

Clean, uninterrupted energy

The NHS Quad Solar UPS uses photovoltaic energy with battery storage. This means that even when the electrical grid fails, you can still count on clean, uninterrupted energy. “This is the future. In recent years, we have worked on developing our equipment, which works using photovoltaic energy with battery storage, so that the consumer can guarantee and benefit from energy as it should be, uninterrupted, of quality and, in addition, of course, guarantee savings. on the electricity bill”, explains Moro.

Fabio Moro also highlights that sales grew significantly compared to the first quarter of last year, and the demand for consultations and quotes increased six times in the same period. Hybrid inverters are already installed in several customers across Brazil, from medium and high-end homes, rural properties and inns in regions such as Ilha do Mel (PR). The solutions meet varied demands, such as pharmacies that need constant refrigeration for vaccines and medicines, and restaurants that depend on the refrigerator to maintain stock and on the scales at lunch time. “The system is completely personalized and our engineers calculate what is necessary to guarantee the autonomy that the customer needs in a certain number of hours, until the energy is restored by the concessionaire”, concludes the director.

NHS Quad Hybrid: technology and sustainability

The solar panels capture sunlight and the NHS Quad Hybrid inverter transforms this energy into the same energy supplied by the electricity grid. This energy generated can power homes, businesses and rural properties, contributing significantly to the agribusiness sector. The excess energy is directed to the electricity company, generating credits and resulting in savings on the energy bill.

Additionally, the NHS Quad Hybrid offers energy storage in battery backups. In cases of power outage, the system is activated automatically, ensuring the supply of energy to essential loads. With four functions in a single solution – generation, storage, monitoring and savings – the system stands out as a viable and efficient alternative for energy independence.

NHS Sistemas de Energia's expertise allows it to deliver solutions that fully meet the needs of agribusiness, providing energy stability, security, loss reduction, uninterrupted production and contributing to the sustainable development of the sector.

To learn more about NHS Quad Hybrid and how it can benefit your business, visit NHS Quad Hybrid.

NHS, energy your way.


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