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Exploration of the equatorial margin could double Brazil's oil and gas reserves

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Published 13/06/2024 às 21:19
Exploration of the Equatorial Margin
Photo: Tânia Rêgo/Agência Brasil

Promising region could elevate Brazil among the largest producers in the world

The Equatorial Margin, a region that stretches 2.200 km along the Brazilian coast, from Rio Grande do Norte to Amapá, is emerging as a promising new frontier for the oil and gas sector. It is estimated that this area concentrates billion-dollar reserves of these natural resources, with the potential to place Brazil among the largest producers in the world.

According to studies by the Federation of Industries of the State of Maranhão (FIEMA), sustainable exploration of the Equatorial Margin can duplicar Brazil's oil and gas reserves, bringing the total to more than 30 billion barrels.

Petrobras, one of the main companies involved in exploration, highlights the need to continue expanding reserves, especially considering that the pre-salt is expected to decline in the next decade, if new discoveries are not made. “Considering the expected production for the coming years, it is essential to continue investing in maximizing the recovery factor and mainly in exploring new frontiers, to replenish oil and gas reserves,” said the company in a statement released on January 26 2024.

Investments and Petrobras’ strategic plan

Petrobras' main bet for the future is in the Equatorial Margin. In the 2024–2028 Strategic Plan, the company plans to invest US$3,1 billion in oil and gas research in this region, with the drilling of 16 wells during this period.

To promote the debate on the importance of exploring the riches of the Equatorial Margin, the Oil & Gas Summit will be held between March 19th and 21st, 2025, at the Ceará Events Center. The event will bring together experts from Brazil and abroad to discuss the challenges and opportunities of oil and gas exploration and production in the margin's sedimentary basin.

Carlos Logulo, organizer of the Oil & Gas Summit, emphasizes the strategic relevance of this initiative: “These figures included in the Petrobras project show that the company knows the importance of exploring the riches found in the Equatorial Margin in a strategic way.”

Oil & Gas Summit: a milestone for the sector

The Oil & Gas Summit will also have an exhibition area, where companies in the sector can present their products and services. Pre-registration for the event is now open, and more information can be found on the official website.

The event, entitled “Oil & Gas Summit: Equatorial Margin and Energy Transition”, will promote discussions on new energy solutions and highlight the role of the Equatorial Margin on the international scene. It will be a catalyst for strategic partnerships, enabling the development of technological innovations in the oil, gas and energy industry, driving the energy transition towards a sustainable future.

The international fair will take place between March 19th and 21st, 2025, at the Ceará Events Center, in Fortaleza, and promises to be an important milestone for the oil and gas sector in Brazil.

With these initiatives, Brazil is preparing for a new leap in the energy sector, sustainably exploring the Equatorial Margin and ensuring its position among the world's largest oil and gas producers.


Tobias Saldanha

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