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Fundação Bradesco offers free Power Bi courses

Written by Ruth Rodrigues
Published 26/05/2024 às 18:03
For those who dream of boosting their CV, Fundação Bradesco has open places in free Power Bi courses.
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For those who dream of boosting their CV, Fundação Bradesco has open places in free Power Bi courses, for all levels.

Fundação Bradesco, recognized for its commitment to education and professional development, is offering vacancies for free Power BI courses. Since its creation in 2001, Fundação Bradesco's Virtual School has been a reference in providing accessible online courses, helping thousands of people improve their skills and advance their careers.

Why are free Power Bi courses essential today?

Power BI courses, an essential tool for data analysis and report creation, are ideal for professionals who want to improve their qualifications and build a competitive CV.

Fundação Bradesco stands out by providing quality learning, completely free of charge, and with the advantage of offering a certificate at the end of the course, further valuing the knowledge acquired.

This is a opportunity Unmissable for anyone looking to stand out in the job market, acquiring skills in an area that is increasingly in demand.

With vacancies open, interested parties can sign up and enjoy the benefits of an excellent education offered by Fundação Bradesco.

Find out more about free courses

The free courses open at Fundação Bradesco are available for beginners to advanced levels.

See which one best suits your needs and get started today!

Learn Power Bi from basic to advanced level:

Introduction to Data Analysis — Microsoft Power BI

Objective: In this free course, you will learn about the main responsibilities of a data analyst, their skills, tasks and processes with which they work and will have a brief theoretical explanation about data analysis.

Duration: 05h.

Beginner level.

Modeling Data in Power BI

Objective: In this free course, you will learn how to create an intuitive, high-performance, and maintainable data model and use the DAX language to create measures that will help you produce a variety of analytical solutions.

Duration: 11h.

Intermediate level.

Preparing Data for Analysis — Microsoft Power

Objective: In this free course offered at Fundação Bradesco, you will learn how to prepare data for analysis! This data resides in several different files and databases, but they are all related.

Duration: 07h.

Intermediate level.

Visualizing Data in Power BI

Objective: This is the fourth free course available in the track that is available at Fundação Bradesco on Power BI which, in short, is a collection of software services, applications and connectors that work together to turn unrelated data sources into coherent information, visually immersive and interactive.

Duration: 10h.

Advanced level.

Data Analysis in Power Bi

Objective: use more features such as Q and A (which allows users to get direct answers to the questions they ask using their own words); to improve the insights analyze your data and find important factors with the Top Influencers visual.

Duration: 04h.

Advanced level.

Are you interested? Click here and register!

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