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Bradesco Foundation opens registrations for completely free technical course with certificate

Written by Flavia Marinho
Published 21/12/2023 às 15:54
Fundação Bradesco logo on a red background highlighting the advertisement 'Free Technical Course with Certificate' and the so-called Open Registration, encouraging enrollment in professional courses
Registration open for free technical courses at Fundação Bradesco, with certification included – an opportunity for professional growth at no cost

Did you know that Fundação Bradesco offers a free agricultural technical course? Registration is now open, guarantee your spot!

Have you ever thought about transforming your career and professional life in an incredible and cost-free way? A Bradesco Foundation brings this opportunity with its Technical course in Agriculture completely free! If you are interested in entering the Agribusiness sector, one of the most promising and growing in Brazil, this is your golden chance. With comprehensive professional training in the areas of animal and vegetable production, agroindustry and management, you will be ready to shine in the job market. Registration is now open, guarantee your spot!

With a workload of 1.200 hours, Fundação Bradesco stands out for emphasizing practical learning. You will not just learn theories, but also get your hands dirty, experiencing the day-to-day life of the agricultural sector. This includes experiences in animal, vegetable, agro-industrial production and agribusiness management. This practical approach ensures that when you finish the course you will not only have knowledge but also real practical skills that are highly valued in the job market.

Be a desired professional in the job market!

The free technical course offered by Fundação Bradesco is a passport to a world of possibilities. Upon completion, you will be able to work in various segments of the agricultural market. This includes technical assistance institutions, rural extension, research, health defense agencies, administration and production on rural properties, agricultural companies, input industries, agribusinesses, rural cooperatives and associations, consultancy, measurement and rural topographic surveys, and even in commerce of agricultural products. Such a wide range of options shows how this course is a real stepping stone to success!

This technical course is a window of opportunities that opens, ready to be explored. And best of all, completely free, offered by the renowned Fundação Bradesco, an institution committed to quality education and its future.

Registration open: don't miss this opportunity!

So, are you ready to take that leap in your career and professional life? Registration is open for schools in Feira de Santana (BA) until January 16th, Garanhuns (PE) and Rosário do Sul (RS) until January 12th. To sign up, visit the official website AT THIS LINK, and secure your spot. Remember, these opportunities are limited and very competitive. So, don't waste time, sign up today and start building a bright future with Fundação Bradesco!

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Flavia Marinho

Flavia Marinho is a Production Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Electrical and Automation Engineering, with extensive experience in the onshore and offshore shipbuilding industry. In recent years, she has dedicated herself to writing articles for news websites in the areas of industry, oil and gas, energy, shipbuilding, geopolitics, jobs and courses, with more than 7 thousand articles published. Her technical expertise and communication skills make her a respected reference in her field. Contact us to suggest an agenda, advertise job vacancies or advertise on our portal.

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