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Fundação Getúlio Vargas opens registrations for 203 free online courses in the areas of Economics, Marketing, Law, Health, Education and more

Written by Flavia Marinho
Published 24/06/2024 às 08:56
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Fundação Getúlio Vargas offers places in free online courses. FGV has already issued more than 8,5 million certificates to boost the careers of young people and adults across Brazil

The Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) announced the offer of 203 free online courses, designed to enrich your CV, covering areas such as Public Administration, Economics, Law, Health, Finance, Humanities, Education and Business, among others. Investing in an excellent qualification opens doors to more professional opportunities. Check out the list of free online courses offered by FGV below.

Get to know the Getúlio Vargas Foundation

Created in December 1944, the Getúlio Vargas Foundation's initial mission was to train qualified professionals for management of the public and private sector in Brazil. At that time, the country was beginning to build the foundations for the development that would be consolidated in future years.

FGV decided to broaden its focus of action and, from the restricted field of administration, moved to the broader of science economic and social. The institution crossed teaching frontiers and advanced in the areas of information and research, until it became a synonym of excellence and quality. 

As a mark of daring and pioneering spirit, Fundação Getúlio Vargas inaugurated, in Brazil, stricto sensu graduation and post-graduation courses in private and public administration, as well as post-graduation courses in economics, accounting sciences, psychology and education. FGV also laid the foundations for a consolidated economy, based on the development of the balance of payments, economic indices and national accounts.

List of free and online courses from Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV

  1. Introductory analysis of credit and credit risk
  2. Presentation of the national tax system
  3. Marketing aspects in price management: fundamental concepts
  4. Conceptual bases of management models
  5. BSC: Introduction to Strategy Creation and Execution
  6. Basic financial calculation for financial management
  7. How to make investments 1
  8. How to make investments 2
  9. How to Spend Consciously
  10. How to organize the family budget
  11. How to plan for retirement
  12. Basics of Financial Mathematics
  13. Context and Importance of Human Resources
  14. Contracts: preliminary negotiations
  15. Definitions and objectives of project management
  16. Family Law
  17. Law and Sport
  18. Business ethics
  19. Business Ethics (Spanish)
  20. Teacher Training for Law Teachers
  21. Fundamentals of Cost Management
  22. IT Management Fundamentals
  23. Fundamentals of International Relations
  24. Fundamentals of Financial Management
  25. Fundamentals of Finance
  26. Fundamentals of Marketing
  27. Sales Management: Basics of Strategy Creation
  28. Management and leadership: basic concepts of the managerial function
  29. Image and Rights on the Web
  30. IT impact on business
  31. Introduction to Strategic Management
  32. Introduction to institutional communication
  33. Introduction to communication in the digital age
  34. Introduction to controllership
  35. Introduction to finance: financial system and value creation
  36. Introduction to human resource management
  37. Introduction to Service Management with a Focus on Aging
  38. Introduction to International Financial Management 
  39. Introduction to trading
  40. Introduction to Pricing and Demand Behavior 
  41. Introduction to Real Estate Law
  42. Introduction to market and product research
  43. Introduction to the topic of leadership
  44. Introduction to marketing information systems
  45. Introduction to consumer relations and basic rights
  46. Introduction to Strategic Management (Spanish)
  47. Leadership and Participatory Management at School
  48. Service marketing: economics, features and classification
  49. Motivation in Organizations
  50. Motivation in the Organizations (Spanish)
  51. Anti-corruption, anti-bribery and public compliance standards
  52. Market share and concentration: introductory aspects
  53. Management planning and risk identification in projects
  54. Planning and Strategy for School Management
  55. Product and market: Marketing Concepts and Pillars
  56. and much more!

How FGV online courses work

Organizations, public administrations, technical schools and entities are offering distance and online courses at no cost, ensuring that candidates stand out in selection processes and achieve the job of their dreams.

Make your registration

To apply for free online courses, you must have a notebook, cell phone or desktop. To register, interested parties should visit the Fundação Getúlio Vargas website, CLICKING HERE, select a course of your choice and then click “register”.

Flavia Marinho

Flavia Marinho is a Production Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Electrical and Automation Engineering, with extensive experience in the onshore and offshore shipbuilding industry. In recent years, she has dedicated herself to writing articles for news websites in the areas of industry, oil and gas, energy, shipbuilding, geopolitics, jobs and courses, with more than 7 thousand articles published. Her technical expertise and communication skills make her a respected reference in her field. Contact us to suggest an agenda, advertise job vacancies or advertise on our portal.

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