Home Honda confirms the launch of the long-awaited WR-V in Brazil, promising to shake up the compact SUV market; Could Crete lose ground?

Honda confirms the launch of the long-awaited WR-V in Brazil, promising to shake up the compact SUV market; Could Crete lose ground?

10 April 2024 11 gies: 57
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Honda confirms the launch of the long-awaited WR-V in Brazil, promising to shake up the compact SUV market; Could Crete lose ground?
New WR-V Photo: Disclosure/Honda

Honda intends to launch the new WR-V in Brazil, aiming to lead the compact SUV segment with a renewed design, efficient engine and competitive price, threatening rivals such as Creta and Renegade.

In an audacious move, Honda officially launched the new WR-V in the Brazilian market, promising not only to compete, but to lead the compact SUV segment. Registered in Brazil since 2022, the WR-V, which grew in size and resources, is the Japanese automaker's new bet to dominate a sector currently led by names like Creta and Renegade. Honda's new SUV will be produced nationally, at the Honda factory in Itirapina, in the interior of São Paulo.

The WR-V, now in its new generation, surprises with its size and specifications. With dimensions close to its bigger brother, the HR-V, the WR-V is 4,32 m long, 2,65 m wheelbase, 1,79 m wide, 1,65 m high and weighs of just 1213 kg. The trunk capacity also leaves nothing to be desired, with 311 liters available.

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Honda WR-V engine in Brazil

Honda's new WR-V is powered by a 1.5 four-cylinder, aspirated engine, which stands out for both its energy efficiency and performance. This engine, already known to users of the Honda City and HR-V models in their most accessible configurations, offers a power of 126 horsepower and a torque of 15,8 kgfm, providing an agile and responsive driving experience.

The WR-V's 1.5-liter engine is designed to operate flexibly, accepting both ethanol and gasoline, which gives it an adaptive advantage in the Brazilian market, known for the prevalence of flex fuels. The CVT automatic transmission, which comes with this engine, simulates up to seven gears, ensuring smooth shifts and efficient use of engine power, contributing to more pleasurable and economical driving.

Design and interior

Aesthetically, the WR-V impresses with its chrome front grille, Piano Black fog light surrounds, full LED headlights and the possibility of two-tone paint. The similarities with the Indian BR-V are evident, especially at the rear, which includes an integrated spoiler and headlights with LED position lights.

The interior, although simpler compared to the HR-V and City, does not compromise on quality, with well-fitting hard plastic finishes. In terms of equipment, the WR-V brings the essentials for the segment, including digital climate control, electrically folding mirrors, multifunctional steering wheel, face-to-face key, induction charging and a multimedia system with an 8-inch screen.

As for safety, Honda's new SUV is better equipped, featuring traction and stability controls, disc brakes with ABS at the front and drums at the rear, as well as six standard airbags. The most complete versions, RS and Turin, add collision warning, autonomous emergency braking and the Lane Watch system.

Honda WR-V will have national production

Manufactured in the interior of São Paulo, the WR-V will hit the market in the second half of 2024, with prices ranging between R$110.000 and R$150.000, positioning itself below the HR-V, offering a more affordable option for consumers who want the quality and reliability of the Honda brand. With a competitive value proposition and robust features, the WR-V is ready to become one of the most impactful launches of the year in Brazil.

According to information from the Autos Segredos portal, which anticipated the return of the WR-V to Brazilian market, the launch of this SUV is expected to take place by 2026. On the other hand, Autoesporte magazine indicates that the car's arrival at dealerships is more likely in 2025. Despite these divergent predictions, both sources agree that the official announcement of the return of the WR-V and its presentation will take place during the next Motor Show, scheduled for November.

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