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Honda launches 'motorcycle' for less than R$5.000 to break the market and promises to annihilate Yamaha and Shineray once and for all

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 21/06/2024 às 23:56
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photo/reproduction: cpg

For R$ 4.850, Honda launches 18 kg folding electric 'motorbike' to dominate the market: Ideal for those looking for practicality and urban mobility!

In a strategic move to surpass your competitor Yamaha , Honda launched a scooter electrical foldable, ready to revolutionize the motorcycle market. The new Compact motorcycle promises to be a milestone of innovation and practicality, bringing an economical and compact solution for motorcycle enthusiasts, according to otvfoco.

Compact innovation: the scooter that fits in the trunk

Honda surprised the market when presenting Motocompacto, a foldable electric scooter that can be easily stored in the trunk of a car. With impressively compact dimensions – 74 cm long, 53,5 cm high and just 9,4 cm wide when folded – and weighing just 18,7 kg, this motorcycle is ideal for those looking for practicality and urban mobility.

Affordable price: the most economical electric scooter on the market

With a suggested price of US$ 995, or approximately R$ 4.850, the Motocompact is an extremely economical option in the electric motorcycle market. Available exclusively in the United States, both on the official Honda website and at dealers Honda e Acura, this scooter promises to be an affordable solution for consumers who want a sustainable and practical alternative.

"honda", "motorcycle", "electric motorcycle", "cheap motorcycle", and "scooter"
photo/reproduction: estadão mobility

Direct competition: Honda vs. Yamaha

The arrival of Motocompacto promises to shake up the competition, especially Yamaha . With Honda focused on innovation and practicality, Yamaha faces a significant challenge in keeping up with the latest developments. Honda's new scooter not only offers a compact and practical alternative, but it also stands out when it comes to innovation, putting Yamaha in a complicated position in the market.

Design and practicality: a suitcase on wheels

In addition to its impressive compactness, the Compact motorcycle It was designed to facilitate transport. When folded, the electric scooter resembles a suitcase, can be easily carried as travel luggage. This feature makes the scooter a perfect choice for urban dwellers who need a practical and efficient transportation solution.

"honda", "motorcycle", "electric motorcycle", "cheap motorcycle", and "scooter"
photo/reproduction: vrum

Market impact: a new era of urban mobility

The launch of Motocompacto marks a new chapter in urban mobility. With growing demand for sustainable and cost-effective transportation solutions, Honda's electric scooter is positioned to lead a new era of innovation in the motorcycle market. Your combination of practicality, economy and innovative design promises to appeal to a wide range of consumers, solidifying Honda's position as a leader in innovation and sustainability.

Therefore, Honda's new electric scooter not only brings an innovative and cost-effective solution to consumers, but also sets a new standard of practicality and design in the motorcycle market. With the Motocompacto, Honda is ready to annihilate the competition and lead the way towards a more sustainable and efficient future in urban mobility.

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