Home Indian tycoon builds replica of the White House on top of skyscraper but is banned from entering there!

Indian tycoon builds replica of the White House on top of skyscraper but is banned from entering there!

22 May 2024 to 17: 13
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“tycoon”, “skyscraper”, “white house” “construction” and “India”
Photo: IA/Representation

A luxury mansion, debt and escape to the United Kingdom, the life of an Indian billionaire tycoon who even became the subject of Netflix

The Indian tycoon Vijay Mallya, known for his extravagant and troubled lifestyle, erected a replica of the White House atop the Kingfisher Towers in Bangalore, India. construction, which cost around US$20 million (equivalent to R$102,5 million), offers endless luxury, but Mallya cannot live in it. Understand the details of this intriguing story, according to Estadão.

The replica of the White House

The mansion, measuring almost 4.000 square meters, was designed as a replica of the iconic White House from United States. Located at the top of the skyscraper, it has large gardens, a wine cellar, an infinity pool and even a private helipad. Additionally, a 360-degree observation deck provides panoramic views of the city. However, behind this luxury, there is a web of debts and legal problems.

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“tycoon”, “skyscraper”, “white house” “construction” and “India”
Photo: IA/Representation

Vijay Mallya's pending issues

Vijay Mallya inherited control of United Beverages Group at the age of 28 and expanded the group globally, especially with the success of beer Kingfisher. However, Kingfish Airlines' financial losses resulted in a mountain of debt, estimated at around $1 billion. The company ceased operations in 2012, leaving Mallya with pending issues with approximately 20 banks.

“tycoon”, “skyscraper”, “white house” “construction” and “India”
Photo: IA/Representation

Escape to the United Kingdom and accusations

In 2016, the same day banks took legal action against him, Mallya fled to the UK. Since then, the Indian government has been trying to extradite him. He was declared a fugitive economic offender in 2019. In addition to debts, Mallya faces fraud and money laundering charges in his home country.

“tycoon”, “skyscraper”, “white house” “construction” and “India”
Vijay Mallya -photo/reproduction globo sport

Between escapes and fame

Vijay Mallya's story inspired Netflix to produce the documentary “Bad Boys and Billionaires” in 2020, portraying not only his life but also those of other Indian tycoons involved in corruption and greed scandals. The replica of the White House remains a symbol of luxury and controversy, reminding us that, even at heights, problems can catch up with us.

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