Home Occupational Safety Technicians are required by 6 companies today

Occupational Safety Technicians are required by 6 companies today

15 June 2018 to 08: 47
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Work Safety Technicians

There are opportunities that start at a trainee level to the most experienced as Occupational Safety Technicians, find out which ones are hiring

Occupational Safety Technicians are needed in any type of industry nowadays, despite the fact that the opportunities for companies are smaller than a common operational worker, there will always be a TST to carry out activities aimed at their safety in the environment in which they carry out their work. activities. Just below, we list the latest opportunities recently released, take advantage and send only to those that fit your profile:

Oji Papeis – Internship opportunity, therefore high school education is required and the course must be in progress. Interested forward resumes to

farmer – Complete Technical Course in Security, secondary education and experience in the function, the vacancies are also extensive to PCD's. Interested parties send their resumes to

Bob – Technical training in the area, category B license, experience in the area of ​​railway works and availability to work throughout Brazil. Send your resumes to

JCB Solutions – The professional, in addition to having technical training, must be a rescuer, as he will work at a maintenance stop in Uberaba - MG. Send your resumes to

AKEO – To join the company, the candidate must have completed training and be duly registered with the class council. Resumes should be sent to or call 0800 541 5300

Engefabras – TST's are urgently requested. They must have experience in the area or in Gerdau contracts and availability to live in Ouro Negro – MG. Send your resumes now to

It is worth remembering that the Thermoelectric works in Macaé are already under way, we have just confirmed the companies and the facts foreseen for the hiring in the Public Hearing that we were present and we did the complete coverage, including Live. Access the article here and start preparing, there will be a demand for many professionals in a short time for this venture.

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