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Petrobras starts production of the Sepetiba platform ship in the pre-salt.

Written by Paulo S. Nogueira
Published 31/12/2023 às 17:47
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Unit is the third production system, out of a total of five, to produce in the Mero field – All rights: Petrobrás

The third Mero production unit, operated by Petrobras, adopts innovative technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Petrobras announced today (31/12) the start of operation of the Sepetiba platform vessel, located in the Mero field, Libra block, in the pre-salt Santos Basin. This is Mero's third production system, with capacity to produce up to 180 thousand barrels of oil and compress up to 12 million cubic meters of gas daily. The platform is of the FPSO type, that is, it is a floating production, storage and transfer unit, with the acronym Mero's field.

The FPSO Sepetiba is part of Petrobras' production system that includes drilling and well preparation for the production (completion) of eight production wells and eight water and gas injection wells that are being interconnected to the unit. The company continues to invest heavily in the oil and gas sector, aiming to expand its presence in the national and international market.

New Technologies in Petrobras Production

The Petrobras unit has innovative technologies to increase production efficiency and enable CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage) activity, where gas rich in CO2 is reinjected into the reservoir, reducing the greenhouse gas emissions In the atmosphere.

For Petrobras, high productivity and decarbonization go hand in hand, because when carrying out its activities, the company has sustainability in its business as a parameter, as well as in the environment, as explained by the company's president, Jean Paul Prates.

Chartering of FPSO Sepetiba by Petrobras

Petrobras chartered the FPSO Sepetiba from SBM, which was also built by the same company, to be the third production unit of the Mero's field, out of a total of five, considering that two will still be installed. The activity is expected to take place within a year, between December 2022 and December 2023, as Petrobras has put five FPSOs into production, as shown in the figure below.

Daily production at Campo de Mero

The Mero field produces around 230 thousand barrels of oil and 15 million m3 of gas daily. It is a unitized field, operated by Petrobras (38,6%), in partnership with Shell Brasil (19,3%), TotalEnergies (19,3%), CNPC (9,65%), CNOOC (9,65%) and Pré-Sal Petróleo S.A ( PPSA) (3,5%), as representative of the Union in the non-contracted area.

‘We overcame the challenge of putting five units into operation this year alone. This demonstrates Petrobras' technical capacity and our intention to invest in the growth of production and, consequently, in the development of Brazil', declared the director of Engineering, Technology and Innovation at Petrobras, Carlos José Travassos.

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