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Senai opens MORE THAN 11 THOUSAND VACANCIES! There are free and paid courses; see the opportunities

15/02/2024 às 14:24
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Senai courses with open registration; (Image: reproduction/ Senai)
Senai courses with open registration; (Image: reproduction/ Senai)

The National Industrial Learning Service (Senai) has thousands of vacancies spread across several states in Brazil. There are opportunities that are free, while others are paid.

One of the largest Brazilian institutions when it comes to technical course, Senai announced great news: the opening of more than 11 thousand vacancies. There are opportunities that are free and paid. Some of them are for the in-person model, while others can be carried out remotely.

High number of vacancies at Senai

In total, there are 11.885 places for free and paid courses at Senai. These opportunities are spread across Brazilian states and encompass several areas of knowledge, including: Food and Beverages, Civil Construction, Leather and Footwear, Electronics, Logistics, Wood and Furniture, Polymers and Information Technology.

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As mentioned, some opportunities require the payment of a monthly fee, while others do not. According to Senai, of these more than 11 thousand vacancies, 5,8 thousand are completely free.

Where are the free Senai courses

Below you can see which locations have Senai vacancies and which are some of the opportunities offered by these centers of the institution.


One of those with vacancies at Senai is the Macapá hub, in Amapá. According to the institution, there are opportunities to enroll in courses in areas such as Occupational Safety, Easter Egg production, PowerBI, Basic and Advanced Excel and others.

Today, in the state, 150 vacancies are open. These opportunities encompass seven short courses. The classes all took place in person and at night.

Senai Amapá website.

Federal District

In the Federal District, Senai has 250 places, all free. Of these chances, 160 are being offered by the SENAI Regimental Free Program and cover technical courses, professional qualification and improvement in face-to-face, blended and distance learning modalities.

The remainder are offered through the DF Inova Tech program, developed by the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Federal District with the DF Research Support Foundation (FAP-DF). Here, the aim, according to the institution, will be to qualify people for the productive sector, stimulating innovation.

Institution page in the Federal District.

Minas Gerais

Most of the vacancies are in Minas Gerais: 5,5 thousand. There, the courses are paid, with the first monthly fee for all opportunities being R$79,90. After that, the value varies depending on specifications such as location and course.

Just like the number of vacancies, the number of courses offered is also large. Among these opportunities, courses in areas such as Logistics, Mechanics, Electrotechnics, Welding, Work Safety, Computer Networks and Baking stand out.

Senai website in Minas Gerais.


At Senai da Paraíba there are 944 vacancies spread across the following cities: João Pessoa, Bayeux, Caaporã, Campina Grande and Sousa. In these municipalities, vacancies in areas such as Food, Leather and Footwear, Electronics, Electrotechnical, Management, Logistics, Metal Mechanics, Information Technology and Clothing.


Vacancies at Senai do Piauí are offered by the Senai Regimental Free Program (PSGR). Free of charge, they are aimed at low-income people, preferably workers, employed or unemployed.

Senai website in Paraíba.

Rio Grande do Sul

Of the more than 11 thousand vacancies, 4,5 thousand are being offered by Senai do Rio Grande do Sul through the Qualification Program for Industry in Rio Grande do Sul. These opportunities are free and include 40 courses with more than 160 hours.

Among the areas with vacancies are, for example: Food and Beverages; Construction; Leather and Footwear; Electronics; Logistics; Wood and Furniture; Metalworking (Mechanical Manufacturing, Mechanics, Metallurgy and Welding).

Page of the institution in Rio Grande do Sul.


Finally, Senai de Tocantins is offering 824 vacancies. These opportunities are free and cover numerous areas. There are both in-person and blended opportunities. Furthermore, each course has a specific workload – they range from 8 to 230 hours.

Website of the institution in Tocantins.

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