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Stellantis has arrived to dethrone the Hilux and Ranger with its new pickup truck. Your best weapon? An unmatched price, a 180 hp engine and excellent quality. Discover this incredible 4×4 diesel here

Written by Noel Budeguer
Published 14/06/2024 às 18:45
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Discover the most advantageous option on the market: the most affordable diesel pickup in Brazil, ready to challenge big names like Hilux and Ranger

The mid-size pickup truck market in Brazil welcomes a new competitor: Fiat Titano. Stellantis, taking advantage of the merger with Peugeot, has remodeled what was previously known as the Peugeot Landtrek, launching under the Fiat banner a robust vehicle that combines technology and design at an affordable price.

In a segment dominated by Toyota Hilux, Chevrolet S10, Ford Ranger, among others, Fiat Titano promises to differentiate itself through innovation and cost-benefit.

Source: Fiat

Design and Dimensions: The Aesthetics and Construction of the Fiat Titano

At 5.330 mm long, 1.963 mm wide, and 1.858 mm high, the Titano positions itself firmly in the market. The pickup truck features an exterior design that mixes traditional Fiat robustness with subtle Peugeot elements. The adaptation includes a new front grille and changes to the design of the wheels and steering wheel, maintaining the Fiat visual identity while introducing modern touches.

Performance and engine: The heart of the Fiat Titano pickup truck

The Titano is equipped with a 2.2 BlueHDI turbodiesel engine, a PSA legacy, tuned to develop 180 hp and 40,8 kgfm of torque, connected to a 6-speed automatic transmission with 4×4 traction option. For those who prefer a more engaged drive, there is also the option of a 6-speed manual transmission available in specific versions, ensuring flexibility for all types of driver.

Embedded technologies: Innovations that distinguish titano

One of the great highlights of the Fiat Titano is the 360° off-road camera, a feature rarely seen in medium pickup trucks, which makes maneuvering in difficult terrain easier. Furthermore, the Ranch version features rain sensors, LED headlights and a sophisticated dual zone automatic air conditioning system. Other technologies, such as hill start assist and hill descent control, are present to maximize safety and the driving experience.

Versions of the Fiat Titano pickup truck: Customization for all tastes

Titano Endurance

Source: Fiat

The entry-level version, Titano Endurance, comes equipped with essential features for safety and comfort, including 6 airbags, air conditioning, trailer stability assistant, height-adjustable driver's seat, and electronic stability and traction control. This version completes hill descent control, radio with Bluetooth, 17-inch steel wheels and electric windows.

Titano Volcano

Source: Fiat

The intermediate version, Volcano, adds luxury and comfort elements such as leather seats, 10-inch multimedia center, 4,2-inch color display, side and rear cameras, fog lights, and 17-inch alloy wheels. This version is ideal for those looking for a balance between functionality and style.

Titano Ranch

At the top of the line, the Titano Ranch offers maximum technology and comfort. In addition to the Volcano's equipment, this version includes dual zone automatic digital air conditioning, electrically adjustable front seats, 360º camera, LED DRL, side running boards, and a keyless entry system. Aimed at those who do not give up on luxury and technology, the Ranch is the perfect choice for sophisticated use both in the city and in the countryside.

How much does the Fiat Titano pickup cost? 

  • Fiat Titano Endurance: R$ 219.990
  • Fiat Titano Volcano: R$ 239.990
  • Fiat Titano Ranch: R$ 259.990

Is the Fiat Titano worth it?

The Fiat Titano positions itself as an attractive option in the mid-size pickup truck market. Offering a combination of robustness, advanced technology and competitive price, this pickup truck is ideal for both work and leisure. With its various versions, Titano meets a wide range of needs and prefers

ences, making it a strong choice for anyone looking for a reliable, well-equipped pickup truck. Future reviews and feedback from early customers will help determine your success in the Brazilian market.

With its arrival, Fiat continues the tradition of innovating and leading in the automotive sector, promising to shake up the pickup truck segment with the new Titano. Now, with the characteristics of each version detailed, consumers can choose which Fiat Titano model best meets their needs, whether for heavy work or weekend adventures.

Source: lojacarro.com

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