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Suzano starts operating the first high-capacity electric truck in Aracruz

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Published 13/06/2024 às 20:55
Suzano starts operating the first electric truck
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Suzano tests sustainable innovation with electric truck in Aracruz

Aracruz (ES), June 2024 – Suzano, a world leader in the production of eucalyptus bioproducts, in partnership with VIX Logística, a company in the Águia Branca Group, began operating the first high-capacity electric truck in Brazil. Named “Atlas”, the vehicle, developed by VIX, has a maximum traction capacity (CMT) of up to 120 tons and is already being tested at Suzano’s operations in Aracruz.

Partnership for a sustainable future

The collaboration between Suzano and VIX Logística marks a significant step in the energy transition of the cellulose transport fleet. This initiative is part of Suzano's Commitments to Renew Life, which aim to build a more sustainable world. With Atlas, the company hopes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 20% on the route between the factory and Portocel, contributing to the fight against the climate crisis.

“The partnership with VIX Logística is strategic for us, and this test represents a milestone in our efforts to drive innovation in our operations. We believe that this initiative paves the way for cleaner and more efficient transport solutions”, says Beatriz Nalevaiko Venturini, Operational Excellence manager at Suzano.

Technological and environmental advances

The Atlas electric truck, adapted from a Mercedes Benz model Axor 3344 chassis, uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, which provide savings of up to 8.300 liters of diesel per month and avoid emissions of around 21 tons of CO2. This advancement represents a significant leap in relation to conventional load capacities on the market.

Elias Alves, director of VIX and responsible for VIVA – VIX Autonomous Vehicles, highlights the importance of innovation: “Having an innovation drive within the company allows us to test creative and bold solutions. The adoption of efficient and sustainable technologies is a major market trend, and VIX stands out in this movement, remaining at the forefront of the logistics sector.”

Monitoring and future perspectives

Atlas testing began in May and includes rigorous monitoring of the vehicle's range and operational performance. Suzano plans, if the results are positive, to expand the use of the electric truck to other operations, strengthening its commitment to sustainability and technological innovation.

About Suzano

Suzano is the world's largest pulp producer and one of the largest paper producers in Latin America, in addition to being a leader in the toilet paper segment in Brazil. The company is recognized for its sustainable and innovative solutions, with products present in the lives of more than 2 billion people in more than 100 countries. With a century of history, Suzano continues to renew life from trees, facing the challenges of society and the planet. For more information, visit Suzano.

About VIX Logística

With more than 50 years of experience, VIX Logística specializes in customized logistics solutions, operating from the north to the south of Brazil. The company has a team of more than 11 thousand employees and a fleet of 30 thousand vehicles, offering a complete portfolio of dedicated logistics. VIX is part of VIXPar, which consolidates the Águia Branca Group's logistics and mobility businesses.



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