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Labor shortage: Switzerland is recruiting for more than 26 THOUSAND job openings in the areas of technology, construction, electricians, technicians and much more! 

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 25/05/2024 às 23:10
Switzerland is recruiting for more than 26 THOUSAND job vacancies
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Labor shortage generates thousands of vacancies in Switzerland. Find out how to apply and what it takes to live in one of the best countries in Europe.

Switzerland is known for offering some of the bestbest salaries in Europe and the world, in addition to facing a major labor shortage. Interestingly, there are vacancies in Switzerland where foreigners earn more than the Swiss themselves, denying the idea that immigrants receive lower wages. Official data shows that this is not always true, making Switzerland an attractive destination for qualified professionals from around the world.

Foreigners in Switzerland are protected by law

There is wage inequality in job vacancies in Switzerland, however, according to official data this is not linked to the nationality of the worker. In fact, a foreigner working legally in Switzerland is protected by the country's law in relation to 'wage dumping'. In this way, a rule that does not allow foreigners to earn less performing the same function as a local citizen due to their nationality, for example.

Therefore, according to data published by Federal Statistical Service (Federal Statistics Office -FSO) indicate that, in some vacancies in Switzerland, foreigners earn more than Swiss people. Furthermore, figures presented by the FSO show that, depending on the job and industry, foreigners (including cross-border workers) have higher salaries than Swiss workers.

For the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, there are some reasons why foreigners earn more than Swiss people in job vacancies. In general, the existence of salary differences in certain areas of the economy between the Swiss and foreigners can be explained by the shortage of labor in the labor market.

Which vacancies in Switzerland offer the best salaries for foreigners?

In middle and upper management, those who have B license have higher salaries, earning around CHF 12.791 per month. Next are professionals with a C license, with CHF 11.495 per month. Those with a G license, that is, cross-border workers They earn CHF 10.707 for vacancies in Switzerland. In this way, they all earn higher salaries than the Swiss, who earn CHF 10.476.

If you are looking for jobs in Switzerland, you need to access the EURES Network portal and check all the opportunities open in the European country that is experiencing a labor shortage. Furthermore, don't forget to look for information on official websites about how to apply for a work and residence visa, among other aspects. Therefore, the ideal is to always look for official portals to avoid information mismatches.

Job vacancies in Switzerland

The growth of vacancies for foreigners in Switzerland has been notable in recent years. The shortage of qualified labor in the country, combined with the robust Swiss economy, has led companies to seek talent beyond their borders.

Sectors such as technology, healthcare, engineering and financial services are especially active in hiring foreign professionals, offering competitive salaries and excellent working conditions.


This scenario not only attracts qualified workers from around the world, but also challenges the idea that immigrants earn less than Swiss citizens, highlighting an increasingly inclusive and diverse job market.

How do these licenses to work in Switzerland work?

For those who want to work in Switzerland, it is important to know the different residence and work permits: B, C and G. B license is a temporary authorization granted to foreigners who have a valid employment contract and intend to reside in the country for a long period; This license is generally renewable annually.

A C license is a permanent residence permit, available to foreigners who have already lived in Switzerland for several years (usually 5 to 10 years, depending on the country of origin) and have a good integration record.

Finally, the G license is aimed at frontier workers who live in neighboring countries but work in Switzerland; These professionals must return to their country of residence at least once a week. Knowing these licenses is essential for anyone looking for a job opportunity in Switzerland, ensuring compliance with local laws and stability in the country.

Find out which licenses are required for jobs in Switzerland

According to State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) of Switzerland, work permits for foreign workers are:

Residence Permit B: Resident foreign citizens are those who reside in Switzerland for a long period of time for a specific purpose, with or without paid employment.

Residence Permit C: Granted to foreigners who reside in Switzerland for five or ten years. If they meet the required conditions, citizens of Austria, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, among others.

G Authorization (cross-border travelers): EU/EFTA cross-border workers are citizens of EU/EFTA member states and work in Switzerland. They must return to their main place of residence abroad, as a rule, every day, or at least once a week. In this way, they benefit from professional and geographic mobility.

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