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The US Navy can't build more ships and the reason is surreal!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 21/05/2024 às 14:01
ships - usa - china - navy
Photo: IA/Representation

Due to the crisis since the Cold War, the USA suffers in its national defense and loses the naval race against China: it will take decades to recover!

According to ocafezinho, the naval competition between United States and China is intensifying, and the U.S. Navy faces significant challenges in building warships. While the Chinese fleet grows exponentially, the US struggles to keep pace. Let's explore the factors behind this disparity and how strategic allies can help balance the scales.

The US Navy at a Disadvantage

A navy The US, although still one of the most powerful in the world, is falling behind China. Currently, China has about 340 warships, while the US has less than 300. The Chinese fleet is expected to reach 400 vessels in the next two years, while it will take the US until 2045 to reach 350. This difference in numbers is worrying, especially considering China's growing aggression in the South China Sea and around Taiwan.

ships - usa - china - navy
Photo: IA/Representation

The challenge of shipbuilding

American shipyards face difficulties in keeping up with the Chinese pace in construction of ships. Some experts estimate that China can build three warships in the time it takes the US to build just one. Outsourcing US shipbuilding could be a solution, but Current law prevents the Navy from purchasing ships built by other countries, even allies. However, there is an opportunity: allies like South Korea and Japan are producing high-quality, affordable naval equipment. Why not join forces with them to overcome China?

Mistakes that led the US to the current situation in shipbuilding

  • Deindustrialization and budget cuts: Post-Cold War deindustrialization and budget cuts drastically harmed U.S. defense production. The defense industrial base is still struggling to recover, affecting shipbuilding capacity.
  • Labor shortage and lack of welders: The lack of skilled workers, especially welders, is a significant barrier to expanding marine production. The industry faces difficulties in attracting talent, losing out to sectors such as fast food restaurants that offer better wages and benefits for beginners.
ships - usa - china - navy
Photo: IA/Representation

Future perspectives and challenges

Rebuilding U.S. naval capabilities is a generational project. Although the Shipyard Infrastructure Optimization Program is underway, it will not be enough to compete with China. A similar post-World War I effort would be needed to expand the industrial base and produce warships on a large scale. China, with its vast shipbuilding capabilities, poses a significant challenge to the US on the global stage.

Strategic allies and the potential solution

Japanese and South Korean warships are highly regarded. Designers in these countries are among the best in the world. Given that both have mutual defense treaties with the US, a strategic collaboration could level the playing field. Buying ships from these allies or jointly building vessels designed by the US in their shipyards could be an economical and effective alternative to closing the gap with China.

ships - usa - china - navy
Photo: IA/Representation

Towards a balanced fleet

A US Navy faces a crucial challenge in the era of China's naval rise. Collaborating with strategic allies and exploring innovative solutions can help ensure the U.S. maintains its position as a global naval force. The future of maritime security depends on how we meet these challenges and seize opportunities to strengthen our fleet.

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