Home The legend is back! Renault revives its popular and beloved car after 20 years out of the automotive market

The legend is back! Renault revives its popular and beloved car after 20 years out of the automotive market

31/12/2023 às 23:15
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The legend is back! Renault revives its popular and beloved car after 20 years out of the automotive market
Photo: DALL-E

The Renault Twingo, a true icon among popular cars and object of passion for many Brazilians, is returning to the market after a break of two decades. Reinventing itself, the Twingo reemerges as an electric vehicle, now with two additional doors, and is expected to arrive with a price of approximately R$100. This launch marks Renault's commitment to combining nostalgia with innovation and sustainability.

One of the most charismatic cars in history will return to the market with a retro look, reminiscent of the subcompact launched in 1992. The new Renault Twingo popular car will be the cheapest electric car from the French manufacturer, positioned below the Renault 5, which should cost around 25 thousand euros (R$ 130 thousand in direct conversion).

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Therefore, the expectation is that the new electric hatch be launched in 2026 costing up to 20 thousand euros (R$ 105 thousand). Although the images released show a conceptual version, Renault claims that the electric model will be very similar to this prototype.

In fact, this is the second remake of a classic car from the manufacturer as an electric model. The Renault 5 itself was sold by the brand between 1972 and 1996 and its renewed version maintains the style of the old hatch. Even though the Renault Twingo is a faithful reinterpretation, Renault took some liberties to update it.

The electric version has four doors, while the classic model only had two. In everything else, the Twingo incorporates old elements. The body shape of the popular car is practically the same, with a short hood and high roof to benefit internal space.

Renault Twingo will have the best energy efficiency in its category

The half-moon-shaped LED signature and the discreet front grille make it clear that this is a reinterpretation. The same format was incorporated into the lanterns, with a simple LED strip, composing the design. There is a kind of black frame surrounding the rear glass. Furthermore, the door handles are hidden in an illuminated circle.

The brand has not released much data about the electric motor and battery. However, the brand guarantees that the Twingo will have the best energy efficiency in its category, in the range of 10 kWh for every 100 km driven.

Compared to a combustion electric model in the same class, the new popular car will be 75% less polluting. It is worth noting that several countries in Europe burn coal to generate electricity. The Renault Twingo will be built under the CMF-BEV platform. In 2024, this base will also equip the new generation of the electric Nissan March. The main rivals of the new popular car in Europe will be the new VW ID.1, Fiat Panda and Citroen e-C3.

Discover the history of the Renault Twingo

The Renault Twingo completes more than 30 years since its revelation to the world, during the 1992 Paris Motor Show. However, it was launched in 1993 and only arrived in Brazil in 1994. Officially coming to the national market from France with a 1.2 engine from 55 horsepower, the model had differences such as the sliding and folding rear seat, which allowed greater use of the internal space.

The first generation of the model was produced between 1993 and 2007 in Europe and sold more than 2 million units over 14 years.

In Brazil, the popular car was sold between 1994 and 2003, with 12 thousand units sold during the period. The second generation was on the European market between 2007 and 2014, while the current generation, sold in Europe, arrived on the market in 2014.

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