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Is it time to buy an electric car? See what an expert thinks on the subject

Written by Alisson Ficher
Published 13/06/2024 às 13:06
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photo/reproduction: uol

Seen in the recent past as something futuristic, electric cars are becoming increasingly popular among Brazilians. This raises the question for the general public: is it time to buy an electric car?

According to a survey by Bain & Company, today, one in four Brazilians is already considering the possibility of purchasing an electric car.

Therefore, with the introduction of more affordable models in recent months and the expected increase in tax rates in the coming years, the question arises whether the ideal time has come to invest in a 100% electric vehicle.

With the increase in sales of electric cars, the import duty on these models, often manufactured in China, has also risen.

In January, electric cars began to have a 10% import tax. In July, this rate will increase to 18%, reaching 25% in July 2025 and 35% in July 2026.

O electric car most accessible in Brazil is the Renault Kwid E-Tech, available from R$99.990, almost double the price of the version with a combustion engine.

In an interview with the IG portal, Eduardo Rocha, CEO of Klubi, the only fintech authorized by the Central Bank to operate consortia in the country, reported that, in his view, the consortium can be a prudent way to acquire an electric car.

“In an electric car consortium, the interested party can even offer the value of their combustion car as a bid to accelerate the plan to drive a battery-powered vehicle”, explains the executive.

With plans of up to 100 months, this can be an interesting, although risky, alternative considering the Brazilian market.

The expectation is that battery technologies will continue to evolve in the coming years, providing greater range and shorter recharging times for electric cars.

In Brazil, BYD is finalizing the adaptation of its factory in Camaçari, Bahia, and plans to start national production of hybrid and 100% electric models later this year.

Toyota, which already produces hybrids in the country, intends to nationalize the production of batteries, which are one of the most expensive parts of these vehicles. These initiatives could reduce the prices of electric cars in the coming years and make the investment even more attractive.

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