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Toyota AYGO

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 22/05/2024 às 23:05
Toyota AYGO
Photo: Playback/Youtube

New SUV arrives to replace the Toyota Yaris in Brazil. This is the Toyota AYGO X, a Japanese subcompact that delivers cutting-edge technologies and great value for money.

With the arrival of the Toyota AYGO X, a subcompact heading to Brazil, the brand completes its range, covering almost all segments and shaking up the market. In fact, the Renault Kwid feels the pressure of the new SUV that arrives to replace the Toyota Yaris in the national market.

Design, engine and main standard features available on the Toyota AYGO

Acclaimed Japanese automaker Toyota plans to introduce its most compact vehicle in line in Brazil. This is the Toyota AYGO X subcompact SUV, a model that has conquered the European market and has the potential to compete for Brazilians' preference, especially in metropolises.

The SUV's story begins with a collaboration with the Stellantis group, but since 2021 Toyota has taken over production entirely. The vehicle has undergone significant upgrades to its design and structure, including a 1.2 cm increase in suspension.

In terms of dimensions, the Toyota AYGO X is 3,70 m long, 1,74 m wide, 1,51 m high and 2,43 m wheelbase. The luggage compartment offers 261 L of space, despite being a super compact car. Its exterior design is attractive, rivaling in beauty models such as the Nissan March and the Renault Kwid.

From an aesthetic point of view, the new SUV that will replace the Toyota Yaris stands out for its striking lines and a duotone design, featuring a floating-style roof similar to that of the Smart. Its front is notable for its LED headlights and a modern, organic appearance.

The lower part of the bumper features a silver finish imitating a skid plate, complemented by fog lights that enrich the frontal look. At the rear, the lights are vertical and extend across the C column. 

Toyota AYGO X interior is pleasant and full of technologies

Talking about the interior of the Toyota AYGO X, it is simple and compact. Toyota's care can be seen in choosing well-finished materials, without imperfections and with precise fittings. There is also a very silent environment.

Toyota AYGO
Photo: Publicity/Toyota

Although the interior of the new SUV is basically made of hard plastic, the 9-inch digital dashboard is accompanied by an analog speedometer. This design harmonizes with the style of the vehicle. Inside the Toyota Yaris replacement, a modern look prevails thanks to the circular and organic shapes.

The leather seats, along with colorful details that we also find on the steering wheel, add a touch of vivacity. This, in turn, stands out for its beautiful design and multifaceted functionalities. In the middle of the panel, the multimedia center is framed by a car-colored finish, with the air conditioning control just below in digital format. The Toyota AYGO X is perfect for those who work on the streets and deal with chaotic traffic, standing out in this aspect.

Main highlight of the new SUV

Despite its modernity, the new SUV that replaces the Toyota Yaris operates solely with a combustion engine, without electrified options. Equipped with a 1 L aspirated three-cylinder engine, it provides a modest 72 horsepower and 9,4 kgfm of torque.

As for the transmission, it can be a five-speed manual or an automated CVT, which simulates five speeds. With such specifications, surprising performance is not expected. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h of the Toyota AYGO X is slow, taking around 15,5 seconds.

However, performance is not the focus of this model, its main attraction is its value for money, making it the most accessible and economical SUV on the market. It stands out for its exceptional consumption efficiency, reaching up to 22 km per liter of gasoline in large cities without electric assistance. This performance is impressive and can be decisive when choosing a purchase, especially given the increase in fuel prices.

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