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UK introduces innovative Anti-Drone system costing just US$0,12 per shot!

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 21/05/2024 às 08:20
UK introduces innovative Anti-Drone system costing just US$0,12 per shot!
Defense Procurement Minister James Cartlidge saw how the new radio frequency directed energy weapon is being developed (Photo: MOD)

United Kingdom presents its new radio frequency weapon capable of taking down invading drones. The Anti-Drone system delivers great value for money, each shot costs less than 1 real!

The United Kingdom government announced last Thursday (16) the design of its new weapon to defend against attacks from drones. The UK Ministry of Defense described the radio frequency weapon as revolutionary by using radio waves to disable enemy attack electronics to shoot down multiple drones at once. Check out everything about the revolutionary UK Anti-Drone system.

Check out how the UK's new Anti-Drone system works

The radio frequency weapon uses radio waves and costs just US$0,12 per shot (about R$0,61). The Anti-Drone system is still being developed and is called Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapon (RFDEW, acronym in English for “radio frequency directed energy weapon”).

The new equipment can detect, track and prevent attacks from land, sea or air. According to the UK Ministry in a press release, the Anti-Drone system is capable of identifying targets that are about 1 km away and are working to expand capacity.

The RFDEW system is being developed for the British Armed Forces as part of the government's plan to put the UK's defense industry on a war footing (Photo: MOD)

The radiofrequency weapon is considered a much more attractive cost-benefit equipment than traditional mechanisms, which use the firing of missiles and air defense systems to deter drones. UK officials point out that the weapon has immediate effect.

Due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, several countries have increased their budget for the development of combat weapons and this includes the United Kingdom. Last month, the Prime Minister Rishi sunak approved an increase in the share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) allocated to the Ministry of Defense. The total should reach 2,5% of GDP by 2030.

Innovative new anti-drone system could give the Armed Forces a competitive advantage

According to Defense Minister James Cartlidge, the United Kingdom is already recognized as a power in the fields of science and technology.

“The development of radio frequency weapons not only makes the UK army better protected on the battlefield, but also maintains the country as a world leader in innovative military equipment,” highlighted James Cartlidge

Paul Hollinshead, head of the technology and science from the Ministry of Defense, believes that the new system is capable of giving the Armed Forces a competitive advantage, saving lives and defeating deadly threats.

The Anti-Drone system is programmed to emit radio waves that disrupt and damage critical electronic components of enemy equipment. Furthermore, the artifact under development will have the ability to shoot down large numbers of drones, with instantaneous effect. The system itself can be operated by one person, given its high level of automation.

Radiofrequency weapon technology uses a mobile energy source responsible for producing pulses of radiofrequency energy in shots that can occur in sequence against a specific target or expanded to involve all threats.

UK has other anti-drone equipment

In January, the UK Ministry of Defense carried out the first successful test of the DragonFire laser weapon. The weapon was capable of downing drones simulating an enemy attack in the country's airspace. UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps celebrated the success of the test.

The equipment is not the first laser weapon capable of destroying rockets and drones, as Israel also has a similar defense system.

According to Grant, the laser weapon DragonFire can shoot down any type of aircraft. Despite this, he highlighted the weapon's primary objective being to combat enemy drones. On social media, he highlighted scientists' efforts to develop a laser weapon capable of taking down enemy drones.

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