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Mineradora Vale is looking for dozens of mid-level and higher education professionals: there are home-office vacancies and for those with no experience, there is no age limit and all of Brazil can apply!

Written by Flavia Marinho
Published 11/06/2024 às 06:29
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maintenance job openings for primary, secondary and technical education positions in the mining sector – Imagem mineracaobdrasil

Home-office, hybrid and in-person job openings for candidates with and without experience in an industrial complex, willing to work on mining company Vale's construction sites

Many mid-level, technical and higher-level vacancies in various positions in the areas of engineering, administration, technology and more, to work at the Brazilian multinational Vale – one of the largest mining companies in the world, with a leading position in the iron ore and nickel segments . Do not waste time, Register your CV now!

Vale, Brazil's largest company by market value, is one of the largest mining companies in the world and also the largest producer of iron ore, pellets and nickel, with interests in the electricity and logistics sectors. It also produces copper, cobalt and other precious metals.

Discover the history of the largest company in Brazil in terms of market value, surpassing Petrobras, the Brazilian oil giant!

Check out the job openings below to work at one of the largest mining companies in the world, in the iron ore and nickel segments

Management and Coordination

  • health and safety project manager;
  • general cargo operations manager;
  • mining components management coordinator;
  • sup resources utilities.
  • and

Engineering, Geology and Geotechnics

  • master engineer;
  • master occupational safety engineer;
  • senior project management engineer;
  • senior geotechnical engineer;
  • senior geologist – geology and northern surveying;
  • mining and geology technician.
  • and

Analysis and Planning

  • administrative assistant.
  • master financial performance planning analyst;
  • senior sustainability analyst;
  • senior community and relations analyst;
  • senior community relations analyst;
  • full contract management analyst;
  • full operational analyst – contract management;
  • operational analyst (contract management);
  • full security analyst;
  • junior security analyst;
  • occupational health analyst;
  • senior occupational safety analyst.
  • and

Technical and Specialized

  • technical planning programming maintenance;
  • technician specialized in maintenance (o);
  • technician specialized in maintenance;
  • electromechanical technique;
  • vulcanizer (or) ii – supervision of electromechanical preventive and corrective maintenance;
  • mechanic (o) i – preventive maintenance supervision shift a;
  • electrician ii – management of electrical maintenance at sossego;
  • electrician ii – electrical maintenance;
  • welder ii – maintenance management of pelletizing plants.
  • and

Operational and Maintenance

  • operator (the) autonomous system;
  • equipment operator installations i (pcd) – manages cargo and transport – mining;
  • warehouse equipment operator;
  • operator (or) equipment facilities;
  • operator equipment facilities;
  • operator (o) equipment installations i.
  • maintainer (o) – drilling and excavation maintenance management
  • and

Successful candidates for job openings at Mineradora Vale will have access to a comprehensive set of benefits

These benefits include: Private Pension, which offers long-term financial security, and the extra Christmas Food Voucher, aimed at contributing to the end of year celebrations. Other benefits include the Wellbeing Program, Funeral Assistance, discounts for car rental, regular Food Voucher, profit sharing and results through PLR, access to Gympass, Group Life Insurance, and Apoiar – an assistance program for employees and their dependents. Additionally, Meal Vouchers or meals at the workplace, reimbursement for Day Care or Babysitting Assistance are offered, as well as comprehensive Medical and Hospital Assistance, including dental and pharmacological services and preventive vaccines against infectious diseases, in addition to chartered transport or Transport Voucher options.


Registration: Those interested in the above vacancies must click herei to register the resume.

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