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Volkswagen automaker will invest billions to launch hybrid cars and new pickup truck in Brazil

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 01/02/2024 às 19:01
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Photo: Tarok intermediate pickup truck (Disclosure/Quatro Rodas)

Volkswagen's new investment (an INCREDIBLE R$8 billion) promises to revolutionize the Brazilian automotive market with new hybrid cars and a new pickup truck!

Volkswagen surprises the Brazilian automotive market by announcing a massive investment of R$8 billion over the next few years, aiming to revolutionize its car production line and offer the national public a new generation of hybrid cars and a long-awaited pickup truck. The news, which will be made official at an event at the São Bernardo do Campo (SP) factory, marks a new chapter in the history of the German automaker in the country, according to the Quatro Rodas website.

According to information provided by Automotive Business, the investment in the production of the pickup truck and cars represents a significant increase in relation to the R$5,5 billion initially forecast, demonstrating Volkswagen's confidence in the potential of the Brazilian market. This new contribution will extend until 2030, going beyond the previous investment cycle, which would end in 2026.

Volkswagen plans to launch new cars and new pickup truck to conquer the Brazilian market

A substantial portion of the resources will be allocated to the brand's electrification, with the national production of two new hybrid pickup truck and car models. Furthermore, Volkswagen plans to manufacture hybrid engines locally in São Carlos (SP), strengthening its presence and contributing to technological development in the country.

The construction of these new car models will be supported by a new platform, which is under development in collaborationo with Skoda India and Volkswagen's regional operations in South America and Mexico. This platform, adapted from that used by Taos, will be aimed at emerging markets, offering a solid and flexible basis for the brand's future pickup truck launches.

Volkswagen Prepares Response to Chevrolet Montana and Fiat Toro with New Pickup

In addition to hybrids, the new investment cycle includes the production of a long-awaited pickup truck, which is speculated to be the Tarok. Presented as a concept during the 2018 São Paulo Motor Show, this model promises to be Volkswagen's answer to competitors such as the Chevrolet Montana and Fiat Toro, with production scheduled in São José dos Pinhais (PR).

Surprisingly, there are rumors about the Gol's return, now as a compact SUV positioned below the T-Cross. This model, if confirmed, will be another bet by Volkswagen to strengthen its presence in the Brazilian market, competing directly with models such as the Fiat Pulse and the new Renault Kardian.

With this ambitious strategy, Volkswagen shows its determination to innovate and conquer new horizons in the Brazilian automotive market, promising to surprise consumers with a modern, efficient product line aligned with global industry trends.

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