Home The construction of the Port Terminal in Macaé already has a starting estimate

The construction of the Port Terminal in Macaé already has a starting estimate

3 October 2018 to 17: 17
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After months without news about the Port Terminal, EBTE Engenharia filed with the environmental agencies and the public hearing will be scheduled in 15 days

The construction project for the Port Terminal in Macaé (Tepor) takes another important and definitive step this month of October for the joy of its residents and the city's economy. EBTE managed to meet the environmental requirements for the installation of the enterprise and filed with INEA and in a short time, approximately in 15 days, we will already have a date for the public hearing, according to the institution.

In addition to the Port Terminal, the project also provides for an oil storage area or its derivatives and a Natural Gas Processing unit. Remembering that Macanese society will be able to participate in this Hearing, when the date and location of the event is announced, Click Petróleo e Gás will notify our followers and readers.

In May of this year, the mayor of Macaé, Dr. Aluízio, expropriated an area of ​​6.448.378,97 square meters in extension that will be used for the construction of the Transport Highway that will connect the area of ​​the Macaé Port Terminal (Tepor), in São José do Barreto, to RJ-168, connecting to the area city ​​center and BR-101

Start of works

José Eduardo Carramenha, consultant for Tempor, says that these new parameters make it possible to stipulate a date for the start of the undertaking: “The new schedule is as follows: INEA must schedule the Public Hearing within 15 days. After this analysis, the preliminary license can be issued within 90 days. And, once the requirements are fulfilled after this assessment, the installation license, which allows the start of works, can be issued within another three months”, explains Carramenha.

The design specifications for the Port Terminal in Macaé include two terminals with different functions. The first of these will be used for oil maneuvers and will have two drafts at least 27 meters deep. It will accommodate large ships., such as a ULCC (See a model of this ship here), which will be able to pump around 2 million barrels of oil every day. Terminal number 2 will handle liquids and carry out offshore support activities. there will be a 4 km bridge on land that will extend into the sea with 16 meters of depth for ship-to-ship operations.

Macaé runs against time to make up for lost time to recover investments that could have been made a long time ago in good times, but now faces some difficulties due to the strong economic recession of the last 4 years, not to mention that Porto do Açú has projects underway to build a helipad, which will transfer some operations from the city to São João da Barra.

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