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A house for less than 5 thousand reais and almost no workers: the future of sustainable construction

Written by Noel Budeguer
Published 18/06/2024 às 17:20
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A house for less than a thousand dollars and almost no workers: the future of sustainable construction

Discover the future of construction with this incredible 3D printed home for less than a thousand dollars and with almost no workers, an affordable and environmentally friendly option.

In recent years, 3D printing technology has revolutionized several sectors, and construction has not been left behind. An inspiring example is the Tecla project, located near the city of Ravenna in Italy, which features the world's first clay house created using 3D printing.

Last year, the company Icon announced a project to build a new district in Texas, consisting of 100 houses printed using a 3D printer. The cost of such housing is expected to be around forty-fifty thousand dollars, most of which is the cost of construction materials.

But what if we told you that you can literally print a house out of clay, which is everywhere and free at the same time? The cost of such a construction will not exceed the price of an average iPhone.

construction - house - 3d printer -
Source: archdaily.com

The Tecla Project: An innovation in construction

The Tecla design consists of two interconnected dome-shaped elements, with a ridged outer wall made up of 350 clay layers stacked on top of one another. This method of placing building material not only provides the structure with the necessary strength, but also helps to create a thermal barrier between the internal spaces and the street.

The main material to create the house was a mixture of local clay, water, rice husk fibers and a binding agent that represents just five percent of the total mass of raw material. According to the company's plan, similar structures can easily be created in any other part of the planet using materials common to a given region.

The 200 square meter and 4,5 meter high building consists of a living room, kitchen and sleeping area. The house is also equipped with utility rooms and a circular skylight on the roof.

Source: archdaily.com

Sustainability and accessibility

The cost of such a complex is about nine hundred dollars, which is no higher than the cost of an average iPhone. Thanks to this, even low-income groups, for whom housing is a particularly acute issue, will be able to buy clay houses. Furthermore, clay construction, with an average cost of less than a thousand dollars, will significantly increase demand in the global real estate market, especially considering that by 2030, 4 billion people with an annual income of less than three thousand dollars will require a sharp increase in the provision of affordable housing.

The future of 3D printed clay houses

With advancing technology and growing awareness of the importance of sustainability, it's possible that clay homes will become as popular as developers predict. After all, in addition to being affordable, they are sustainable and can be built using local resources anywhere in the world.

Do you believe that 3D printed clay houses are the future of sustainable construction? Share your opinion in the comments and stay tuned for more news in the world of science and technology.

Source: context.news

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