Home Registration open for IFF Technical courses in several cities in Rio de Janeiro

Registration open for IFF Technical courses in several cities in Rio de Janeiro

21 from 2018 to 06 at 39: XNUMX
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IFF-registration technical courses 2019

Registration starts today until September 28th, a great opportunity to take technical courses at one of the best federal institutions in Brazil

The Instituto Federal Fluminense ( IFF ) has opened enrollment for technical courses in cities in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, which are mostly in regions where there are high concentrations of activities in the oil and gas industry. It will be necessary to pay a small registration fee to take the entrance exam and if the candidate passes, there will be no other costs. Read the details below.

Cities where registrations are available ⇒ The cities where registrations, exams and courses will take place are in the cities of Carbuci, Maricá, São João da Barra, Bom Jesus do Itabapoana, Cabo Frio, Campos Centro, Campos Guarus, Itaperuna, Macaé, Quissama, Santo Antônio de Pádua and Lamb

Courses Offered ⇒ Agriculture, Agroecology, Buildings, Naval Construction, Oil and Gas, Electromechanics, Food, Informatics, Environment, Chemistry, Lodging, Kitchen, Industrial Automation, Electrotechnics, Mechanics, Roads, Telecommunications, Occupational Safety, Electronics, Environment, Nursing, Pharmacy and Administration.

Who can take the courses ⇒ The 3 types of candidates allowed to take the test are:

  • Students who have finished elementary school or are in the 9th year Course expected to end in 2018 (Integrated High School Technician)
  • Students who have finished high school or are in their 2nd year and are expected to finish in 2018 (Concurrent Technical Course)
  • Students who completed secondary or technical (former high school) and Youth and Adult Education (EJA) with a certificate of completion (Subsequent Technical Course)

Prices, Dates and How to Apply

The registration fee is only R$ 25,00 (twenty five reais) and the deadline is September 28, 2018. Subscribing is very simple. Just enter the website here, make your registration in the sidebar on the right side or login, if you already have an account. DON'T DO IT ON YOUR SMARTPHONE, ONLY ON YOUR COMPUTER. At the end of the process, a bank slip will be issued for payment. If you wish, you can go directly to the Campus and register in person.

The exams will be held on December 2, 2018, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. The results you will be able to find on the IFF portal on December 17th. Applications for candidates who pass the exams will be open from January 15th to 17th, 2019. These are the key details, for more detailed information, access the full announcement here. See the photos below with the list of courses, cities and vacancies available.

Advantages of taking technical courses at IFF

This paragraph is an opinion and a personal experience – Instituto Federal Fluminense is among one of the best federal institutions for technical courses in Rio de Janeiro alongside Senai. There is real infrastructure for learning, with machines, equipment, laboratories and other technological devices that maximize didactics and improve learning.

Companies tend to give preference to technicians trained at the IFF, especially those in the energy, oil and gas sector. There are internal incentives for internship programs, exchange programs and sometimes, companies seek students still in the classroom for the job market. It was like that with us, it's worth making a little effort to apply for a place in this institution.

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