Home After 20 years of production at Campo de Marlim, the P-33 will retire causing concerns for workers

After 20 years of production at Campo de Marlim, the P-33 will retire causing concerns for workers

8 March 2018 to 08: 35
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p-33 platform

Along with this unit, 8 more will be decommissioned by 2024, raising concerns about the future of workers at these Petrobras units

A P-33 finally starting its retirement process after Petrobras started a program to revitalize the fields mature in the Campos Basin, unfortunately this unit will have to be decommissioned as it does not have the technology and capacity to eventually be used for this project. The beginning of its production took place in 1998 and in December 2018, this monster of the oceans will be completing 20 years of activities. Its production capacity reaches 50 thousand barrels daily and 1,5 million cubic meters.

In addition to this platform, others will be decommissioned by 2024 from the year 2021, they are:

  • 2021: P-26, P-32 and P-35
  • 2022: P-18, P-19, P-20 and P-47
  • 2024: P-47

A Petrobras says that almost all of these units that will end their operations in the Campos Basin will be replaced by state-of-the-art FPSO's, already anticipating more detailed studies and more test drilling of the Campos Basin pre-salt layer. Pedro Parente himself, the current president of Petrobras, says that this discovery is very interesting and will be taken advantage of as vigorously as possible in the future.

In the ranking of the most productive oil fields in the country, Campo de Marlim is in sixth place, with a current record of 151 thousand barrels of oil daily, official data from the ANP (National Petroleum Agency) this year. A contractual term was signed between Petrobras and the ANP in 2016 so that the Marlim and Voador assets remain in production until 2052. Until then, more production, drilling and completion platforms with improved capacities will be part of the operations, in addition to the forecast of another 10 wells that will go into production.

In addition to offshore activities, the onshore oil and gas industry is also growing strong in the country. The Petrochemical Industrial Complex of Rio de Janeiro will go into operation by the end of this semester, Porto do Açú will start the work on the Thermoelectric Power Plant with many contracts expected and the Petroeng who is already hiring a lot. The question that remains is: Will you be prepared for this moment? Have you been studying English and already enrolled in your technical courses? If you haven't already, CLICK HERE, WE WILL PROVIDE THE SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEMS NOW!

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