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Alfa Instrumentos starts Internship Program in several functions

3 October 2018 to 09: 30
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Alfa Instrumentos internship vacancies

Great opportunity for students of engineering courses and other higher education to add value to their future professionals and still be paid to learn

Alfa Instrumentos Internship Program aims to train and develop new talents within the quality and culture of the company, within its structured activities. It is worth remembering that the best way to get a job in the job market, especially for young students of technical and higher education courses, is through internship programs. Many companies end up taking advantage of these professionals in the final course for hiring, due to the values ​​and knowledge already established. Here are the requirements below:

Prerequisites ⇒ Graduates in Electronic, Mechanical and Production Engineering in addition to Economics, Advertising and Propaganda, Marketing and Administration courses with training in December 2020. Availability to intern 2 hours per day (flexible hours) lasting 2 years, starting from December 2018.

Internship Program Development Program

  • “On The Job” Development
  • Individual monitoring of managers with experience in the business
  • Educational Program Structured by the different areas of the company
  • Performance evaluations monitored by tutors, managers and Human Resources

Interested and within the requirements can apply in two ways: Sending an email to or entering directly on the site and registering your qualifications at > Contact > Work with us and do the upload your resume (Registration takes less than 30 seconds). For other opportunities for internships and trainee programs, access the specific tab by clicking here.

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