Home Alphatec is among the best companies to work for in Rio de Janeiro

Alphatec is among the best companies to work for in Rio de Janeiro

9 from 2018 to 08 at 36: XNUMX
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Allphatec rio de janeiro company

The 11th edition of the Vivo Rio event analyzed 99 companies, Alphatec is among the best in the state in the ranking

On the last night of Tuesday, at the award "Best Companies to Work for in Rio de Janeiro" promoted by Vivo Rio, some large companies were awarded and guess what... Alphatec S/A was one of them among the 15 awarded in its category In the event. There were awards for medium-sized(25) and small-sized companies as well(10) on the 7th.

The total sum of participating companies was 99 throughout the state of Rio, all of which together represented 70.171 active employees. The survey took into account the opinion of its employees, considering the remuneration factor, the way in which the company treats its employees, including the issue of cultural, ethnic and sexual fun, appreciation, growth opportunities, etc.

“We noticed a very interesting situation in this research. The confidence index in relation to the practices improved in some aspects, such as developing, listening and celebrating. This means that companies are listening and investing more in the employee, and he is feeling more valued”, says Danyela Souza Ramos, GPTW Rio consultant.

Among the 15 large companies awarded, Losango ranked first, Ancar Ivanhoe Gestora de Shopping Centers LTDA ranked second, Prezunic ranked third, Alphatec ranked 12th. Remembering that Alphatec is a major provider of maintenance services in the oil and gas sector in Rio de Janeiro and it has been hiring with a certain frequency, see here some of its latest news and vacancies.

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