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ANP intensifies operations to guarantee fuel quality in 13 states

25/05/2024 às 08:32
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ANP inspection actions in 13 units of the Federation to guarantee the quality of fuels – PHOTO: ©2024|*ANP Press Office*

ANP carried out inspections in 13 units of the Federation, checking fuel quality, correct volume, equipment and company documentation, prioritizing areas with suspected irregularities.

The National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP) intensified supervision in different regions of Brazil, with the aim of guaranteeing product quality and consumer safety. During the period from May 20th to 23rd, inspections were carried out at gas stations and distributors to verify companies' compliance with current legislation.

Besides inspection in establishments, the ANP also carried out the supervision of the equipment used, checking whether they were in perfect working order and in accordance with established standards. The results of these actions control will be released soon, aiming to maintain transparency and compliance with sector regulations.

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Inspection actions: Checking fuel quality

In the inspection actions carried out, inspectors inspected the quality of the fuels, ensuring that the correct volume was supplied by the metering pumps. Furthermore, they verified the adequacy of the equipment and instruments necessary for the correct handling of the products, as well as the documentation authorizing the companies to operate and those relating to the movement of fuel.

Situation in Rio Grande do Sul

The ANP is attentive to the public calamity situation in Rio Grande do Sul, continuing to carry out supervision, monitoring and mitigation actions on the effects on fuel supply in the region. Follow the latest measures taken by the Agency:


Main actions in Rio Grande do Sul and other regions of the country

In Rio Grande do Sul, 41 retail stations were inspected in different cities. In Xangri-lá, two nozzles and an out-of-spec gasoline tank were banned at a retail station. This post had broken the seals of previous ban from the ANP.

The ANP also issued guidelines to gas stations in the state to guarantee the quality of products offered to consumers, especially due to possible contamination resulting from rain and flooding. Find out more:

Actions in Minas Gerais

In Minas Gerais, the ANP carried out inspections in several municipalities, totaling 23 inspection actions. Of these, 20 were at gas stations and three at LPG resellers. In Ipatinga, a joint action with IPEM resulted in a station being fined by the ANP due to the malfunction of the thermodensimeter coupled to the ethanol pump.

There were fines in other municipalities for reasons such as the absence of an instrument for analyzing the fuel and malfunctioning of the densimeter, without precautionary bans.

Inspection in São Paulo

In the state of São Paulo, 10 fuel sales stations were inspected, along with two economic agents not regulated by the ANP and seven solvent distributors in several cities. In Paulínia, inspectors worked together with the Civil Police on two agents not regulated by the ANP to check the facilities and collect fuel samples.

In Santo André, a retail station was fined for violating seals and for having a fuel storage tank that was not connected correctly.

Source: © *ANP Press Office*

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