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Architect develops new generator capable of improving the efficiency of solar panels by 35%

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 30/01/2022 às 11:56
Architect - solar energy - generator - solar panels
Spherical Sun Power Generator is a solar energy capture device, it was designed by German architect Andre Broessel. Called beta.ey – photo: Disclosure

The sphere-shaped solar energy generator created by the German architect is to help improve the autonomy of solar panels, helping consumers to depend less on energy companies  

The German architect and founder of Rawlemon, André Broessel, developed a project consisting of a symmetrical and transparent sphere, which is capable of increasing the efficiency of photovoltaic panels by up to 35%. Designed in a way very similar to the operating logic of a magnifying glass, the new sphere-shaped solar energy generator has an effect that helps to intensify the sun's rays that pass through it.

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In addition to the function of capturing sunlight more comprehensively, the sphere is also capable of concentrating the light that is diffused from the sun or even the moon. Even on cloudy days, the device can produce about four times more energy compared to a conventional photovoltaic solar energy system.

The dual axis of the generator allows for the incorporation of a natural and rotational optical tracking device, which is ideal for use on naturally inclined surfaces.

In this way, sunlight is captured at one pole and then reflected and amplified at another pole, concentrating the sun's rays in an exclusive and determined area. The small solar panels allow capturing the ray.

Generator was developed to be an independent power charging station

An IndieGoGo campaign was essential for the project to become possible. Throughout the campaign, around R$ 1.266.215,00 was collected from 1.228 different contributors.

The entire sphere was developed to be an independent energy charging station, precisely to help the photovoltaic solar energy panels in the process of capturing light.

Its geometric structure was strategically designed for the model, aiming to improve the energy efficiency of the energy collectors. According to Rawlemon Architect, when reducing the silicon cell area to 25% with the power being equivalent and using the ultra transmission ball point focus concentrator, the sphere can operate at various levels of efficiency, being almost 57% in hybrid mode.  

Architect believed the technology could help replace semiconductor chips

In 2013, the architect Broessel was a finalist for the World Technology Network Award with the sphere project. He recently developed a new version of the globe, which focuses diffused light.

Although the technology was already known, the original idea of ​​the architect was to help replace chips – even without knowing that years later a crisis in the supply of these chips would be installed in the world – as a way of supplying the use of semiconductors or technological devices of high cost. When it comes to the design of the sphere, its circular shape allows it to work on top of any building or even in a conventional house.

Another version of the same device is being developed to attach the solar sphere to the windows of buildings in shopping centers. With its perfect geometric shape, the light is concentrated in a specific point, making it much more sustainable, as the source coming from the sun is much more efficient, in addition to being renewable.  

Valdemar Medeiros

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