Home Armored and anti-aircraft: Brazil is not left behind and responds to the era of drones with firepower! Meet Guaikuru!

Armored and anti-aircraft: Brazil is not left behind and responds to the era of drones with firepower! Meet Guaikuru!

22 April 2024 13 gies: 46
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photo/reproduction: technologyanddefense

Modernization of the armed forces: The strategic armored program of the Brazilian army!

According to novotempomilitar, Brazil is investing in the modernization of its military, and one of the recent acquisitions is the incorporation of 420 armored with anti-aircraft. These vehicles, known as Guaikuru, will play a crucial role in defending against aerial threats, especially drones. Let's explore the details of this important update.

In fact, the Brazilian Army is committed to modernizing its military capabilities, especially with regard to technological weapons. However, the highlights are armored vehicles, such as vehicles Guarani, Guaikuru, Centaur and the modernized Leopard 1. Furthermore, the missile system Astros, with long-range and high-precision variants, contributes to the organization of rocket and missile artillery. These investments not only strengthen the country's defense, but also drive the development of critical technologies.

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Guaikuru: An efficient defense against drones

The vehicle Guaikuru is partially mounted on the Italy and then finished in Iveco factory in Sete Lagoas, Brazil. Its main function is to protect troops and military installations against air attacks, including hostile drones. Equipped with advanced anti-aircraft systems, the Guaikuru is capable of detect, track and neutralize threats in the sky.

Powerful weaponry

The Guaikuru's weaponry is impressive. It includes:

  • Machine gun with capacity to carry up to 2000 7,62MM caliber cartridges: This machine gun is effective against aerial and ground targets, providing flexibility in different combat scenarios.
  • 1000 caliber p50 cartridges: This ammunition is specially designed to combat drones and other small aerial threats.
  • 200 40 caliber grenades: Grenades offer an additional option for engaging air and ground targets.
photo/reproduction: technologyanddefense

Standardization and cohesion of armored vehicles

Agreements were signed to standardize acquisitions of armored vehicles in Brazil. This includes not only the Guaikurus, but also the average armored personnel carriers about 6 by 6 Guarani wheels and the light multitasking armored vehicle On Wheels vbmt lsr 4 by 4 guos. This standardization guarantees greater operational cohesion and facilitates the maintenance and training of troops.

Strategy for the Brazilian future

These acquisitions are part of a broader strategic program to modernize the Brazilian army's armored forces. With the increasing use of drones in modern conflicts, invest in anti-aircraft defenses is essential to ensuring national security. You Guaikurus they will be a fundamental piece in this defense puzzle, protecting Brazilian airspace and contributing to the effectiveness of military operations.

Therefore, Brazil is preparing to face the challenges of the 21st century, and anti-aircraft armor is a vital part of this strategy. In this way the Continuous modernization of the armed forces is essential to maintain the country's sovereignty and security.

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