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Artificial intelligence drives million-dollar savings in wind turbines in Brazil

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Published 14/04/2024 às 17:48
Condition Analysis Center
Photo: Luan Martendal.

AQTech's predictive technologies generate savings of R$35 million in energy operations

AQTech, a leader in monitoring and diagnostic solutions for the electricity generation sector, achieved significant savings of R$35 million through the use of predictive technologies in wind turbines in Brazil. The recent report highlights the impact of such technologies on around 200 wind turbines, monitored in real time by the Condition Analysis Center (CAC), which identified more than 270 incidents in 2023 alone.

Advances in monitoring and diagnosing wind turbines

Located in Florianópolis, one of the main technological hubs in Brazil, AQTech's CAC specializes in the processing and analysis of remotely collected data. In operation since December 2021, this center is entirely dedicated to monitoring the operational condition and maintenance of energy assets, such as wind and hydraulic turbines. Currently, AQTech manages more than 16GW of installed power in real time.

In 2023, the CAC prepared approximately 300 monthly reports and recorded 271 diagnostics of complications, revealing problems mainly in critical components such as the speed multiplier boxes of wind turbines. These diagnoses are crucial to prevent risks of unavailability and prolonged losses in energy generation.

Cost reduction and increased operational efficiency

Emerson Ancini, sales director at AQTech, attributes the savings of R$35 million to the ability of the company's predictive technologies to identify adverse conditions in turbine components, signaling the need for preventive maintenance and component replacement at the most opportune moment. “These monitoring and diagnostic systems are essential to reduce failures and unscheduled shutdowns, which, in a competitive market like the energy market, can mean the difference between significant profit and loss,” highlights Ancini.

Monitoring using cameras and sensors not only allows fault detection at an early stage, but also optimizes maintenance logistics, reducing the need for labor in difficult-to-access locations and extending the useful life of equipment. This process not only saves resources but also ensures safer and more reliable operations.

Certification and innovation at CAC

The Condition Analysis Center team is made up of engineers, data scientists and vibration analysts, all certified by ISO 18436-2, a standard that recognizes professionals of excellence in the analysis and evaluation of machines. In addition to monitoring operational conditions, the CAC issues continuous reports on necessary repairs and emergency actions.

“Daily monitoring of monitoring systems allows us to identify small deviations in the condition of assets and associate these deviations with specific defects. This gives us enough time to plan interventions that maximize the useful life of the components,” explains Emerson Lima, CAC manager.

Projection for the future and international expansion

With expansion and internationalization plans for the period from 2024 to 2027, AQTech intends to increase the number of monitored turbines and structure the service and training of international partners. The company is also in the process of joining as a certifying institution for training professionals in the sector, further expanding its impact and presence in the global energy market.

The application of artificial intelligence in monitoring and diagnostic systems is proving to be not only a valuable tool for preventing failures, but also an effective strategy for generating significant savings, highlighting AQTech as a pioneer in innovative solutions for the energy sector.

Source: Luan Martendal.

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