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1 June 2017 to 09: 55
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Professional Automation Technician super requested in the industrial segment

Over the years, the Automation Technician has gained incredible prominence in the industry, being one of the most requested

The primary function of a Automation technician is to repair and maintain computational control systems and robotic devices in industrial and commercial inhalations, minimizing to the extreme the human intervention in the activities, amplifying the operational efficiency.

To carry out activities in this line of work, it is necessary to have some basic qualifications and attributions. Here are some of the main ones below:

  • Technical or engineering course in Automation
  • Registration with CREA or equivalent institution
  • Facility with math and basic arithmetic
  • Computer and software skills course
  • English at least intermediate to deal with manuals from foreign manufacturers

Now at offshore oil and gas industry, in addition to the assignments above, special courses are required to work in auto sea, such as:

  • Basic Platform Security Course (CBSP)
  • Submerged Aircraft Escape Training (HEUT)
  • Courses on Regulatory Standards (NR's) that allow you to work in restricted environments

The activities involving this professional require knowledge in electronics, mechanics and computers. The routine involves diagnosing automated systems, monitoring, isolating and repairing. If a problem occurs, the technician must have the ability to solve it whether the problem is mechanical, electrical or computer control system. Once the problem is diagnosed, the technician must repair or replace components such as sensors or electrical wiring.

Other outstanding attributions for this professional are the ability to develop electromechanical, robotic and PLC sizing services, renovating and building automated systems if the type of work demands it.

How much does a Automation Technician make?

In the table below, you can consult the average salaries of companies of all sizes, remembering that there are variations according to the state where you live or country. He follows:

Average Salary Technician in Automation

This profession is cool, isn't it? I usually say that this professional is one of the most complete in the technology sector because he addresses issues of electrical, electronics, mechatronics and information technology. You can check out other professions in the section Careers on the Blog Clicking Here

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