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Bahia Oil&Gas Energy brings together 10 thousand professionals from the oil and gas sector

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Published 22/05/2024 às 18:05
Bahia Oil&Gas Energy
Photo: Simone Azevedo

Event highlights the role of independent producers in the onshore market.

Bahia Oil&Gas Energy 2024 starts this Wednesday, bringing together the main players in the oil and gas sector from across the country. Held from May 22nd to 24th at the Salvador Convention Center, the event will focus on the growth of the onshore market and the importance of independent companies in the oil and gas exploration and production sector.

Focus on the onshore market and independent producers

Organized by Austral Energy Consulting in collaboration with the Instituto Politécnico da Bahia (IPB) and the Brazilian Association of Independent Oil and Gas Producers (ABPIP), the event will address opportunities in the areas of exploration, production, refining, petrochemicals, naval and energy integration of the North and Northeast of Brazil. In this second edition, more than 10 thousand visitors are expected from at least 15 different countries.

ABPIP and its associated companies will have an active participation in all discussions at the event, with a strategic stand in front of the Main Plenary (n°. 100, Wing A), facilitating meetings between operators and suppliers. According to Marcio Felix, president of ABPIP, the event is a national showcase for independents to showcase their business, technical and socio-environmental achievements.

Important lectures and panels

Marcio Felix will open the event on the 22nd at 13pm and will be one of the speakers at the ESG Arena at 18pm, debating “The ANP Permanent Offer”. On the 23rd, Regina França from Eneva, a company associated with ABPIP, will speak about “Infrastructure, market and onshore gas internalization” at the GasNor Conference, at 14pm. Also on Thursday, Felix will moderate the panel “The dynamism of the onshore independent market” at the PetroNor Conference at 16pm. On the 24th, João Vitor Moreira, vice-president of ABPIP, will discuss “Advanced recovery in the N/NE fields” at the PetroNor Conference at 14pm. The closing will be done by the Executive Secretary of ABPIP, Anabal Santos Jr., at Arena ESG, discussing “Due diligence, ESG and small businesses in the oil and gas sector” at 16pm.

Supply Forum and ABPIP Day

During the event, ABPIP will promote the 24st Oil and Gas Supply Forum in partnership with Polo Sebrae Onshore, on May 9th, from 12am to 30:XNUMXpm. The forum will be in the Congress Room, at the Salvador Convention Center, with free registration available at the link: enrollment. The event will discuss the importance of intelligence in the supply area, presenting success stories and purchasing strategies by critical categories.

In addition, ABPIP will hold an exclusive meeting for its members, ABPIP Day, on May 23rd from 9am to 12pm. This year's theme will be “The challenges of Independent Oil and Gas Companies in Brazilian Energy Integration”, with the presence of Symone Araújo, director of the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). The objective is to strengthen relationships and debate the current scenario of the oil and gas sector in Brazil from the perspective of independent companies.

Bahia Oil&Gas Energy 2024 promises to be a significant milestone for the sector, highlighting the relevance of independent companies and emerging opportunities in the onshore market. The event will not only facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences, but will also strengthen contact networks and strategic collaborations between the main players in the oil and gas sector in Brazil.

Source: Simone Azevedo.

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