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With the capacity to load up to two Kwid in the bucket, RAM 3500 will be the largest and most powerful diesel-powered pickup in Brazil

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 31/01/2022 às 11:10
RAM 3500 - pickup truck - Renault KWID _ diesel-powered pickup truck
title of largest pickup truck in Brazil will have a new owner in the coming months. – photo: Disclosure

Stellantis has already secured the launch of the new diesel pickup that is capable of carrying up to two Renault Kwids in Brazil. For the time being, the release date or sale value of the pickup, as well as images of its interior, have not yet been released.

The Ram 1500 Rebel diesel-powered pickup will gain a new version, much larger and much more powerful, in addition to the new technology system that will be integrated soon. According to the automotive group Stellantis, in a statement last Thursday (27), the Ram 3500 will also be launched in Brazil.

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The new pickup will be the third model from Stellantis, a premium brand in Brazil. According to the manufacturer, the Ram 3500 will innovate in the pickup concept, bringing even more strength and capacity to become the newest apex in the line of the most coveted diesel pickups in the Brazilian market.

Throughout the 24-second advertisement that was shown, it was possible to observe several details of the outside of the Ram 3500. The pickup has a new look, with a front optic equipped with LED lights, promising to draw a lot of attention and be highlighted wherever the powerful Ram 3500 pickup will pass.

Stellantis has not yet revealed images of the inside of the Ram 3500, but there is great expectation on top of the technology package announced by the manufacturer, which claimed to be as good or even better than that implemented in the 1500 and 2500 models, which even already running in Brazil.

Possible attributes built into the Ram 3500

It is estimated that, if by chance it is confirmed that the new Ram 3500 will be an explosion of technology, Stellantis will deliver a diesel pickup with a complete multimedia center, carrying a 12-inch vertical screen, Harman Kardon sound system, in addition to of LED lighting on the inside and the lovelies connections with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Stellantis seems to be going all-in on the Ram 3500, as the 24-second teaser showed the new truck's incredible exterior. If under the hood of one that will be able to carry up to two Kwid in the bucket has as much technology as it appears to have on the outside, without a doubt, the Ram 3500 will make history. Stellantis has already secured the launch of its powerful diesel pickup in Brazil, even if there is no forecast.

Power and possible purchase value

The diesel pickup will have a 6-cylinder Cummins engine, with 377 horsepower and a maximum torque of 117,2 kgf/m. The Ram 3500 is 12 horsepower and 6,6 kgf/m more powerful than the 2500. With so much strength and power in the engine, the pickup will have a greater load capacity (1.752 kg), in addition to an incredible 9.021 kg that can be towed by the Ram 3500.

Hence the “you can carry up to two Kwid” arises. In addition, the pickup truck is also capable of towing trailers weighing around 9 tons. Stellantis has not yet spoken about the price for which the newcomer will be sold, but based on the value of the Ram 1500 and 2500, which cost around R$ 469.990 each, it is possible that the Ram 3500 will be sold at around R$ 500.000 or more.

Valdemar Medeiros

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