Home Careers that are unaware of unemployment and that pay up to 20 thousand.

Careers that are unaware of unemployment and that pay up to 20 thousand.

7 from 2018 to 03 at 08: XNUMX
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Drones for agribusiness
Drones for agribusiness

Careers that are unaware of unemployment and that pay very well. Doubt? So come and I'll show you now.

Careers that are unaware of unemployment and pay up to 20? In recent years in Brazil, in addition to the great scandals of our politics, the main issue has been unemployment. Talking about good vacancies and high salaries is something that seems impossible to our understanding. However, believe. They exist. Areas such as technology, market, sales and finance are still very promising. Everything has its price and to have access to these vacancies the candidate needs to invest in constant updating.

AGROINDUSTRY – The demands of our society are what shape the rhythm of the market and technology has proved to be the great ally of this demand. The example of this is that the use of drones in agribusiness is already a reality. This equipment is increasingly present and indispensable in monitoring plantations and land. Learning to use this type of material will guarantee your place in the increasingly competitive market and will be your differential.

Technology at the service of agroindustry

Cyber ​​security – With the possibility of an international career and still with few professionals in the area, the various financial transactions carried out in the virtual environment are part of this profession, including cryptocurrencies, where security will be increasingly demanded. Remuneration: from R$ 12 thousand to R$ 20 thousand.

Sales and marketing Sales and marketing – Companies will look for professionals who do a deeper analysis of the market. These are called commercial intelligence posts. These professionals will need to know about strategies, opportunities, regulations and products, analyze numbers, know the national and international market, etc. Remuneration: from BRL 4.000 to BRL 10 thousand.

More generalist profile, less specialist

In the past, specialist professionals were the most sought after, but today, with the need to understand the market, the search is for generalist professionals, that is, those who have knowledge of the whole, in a strategic way. Understanding the legal, technological, financial and personal sector aspects will be a requirement of the labor market for these professionals who will need to make an increasing effort to guarantee high wages and overcome unemployment at any stage of the Brazilian market. In the end, in the case of these new functions, several professionals are combined into just one and with high added value.

Speaking of industry, the factory floor “pawn” will need to understand the processes and perform an analysis of how everything works. These are data on how the service works and also how the machines work. Technology will once again be the great ally of these professionals who will have their place reserved and safe in an increasingly competitive environment.

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